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Neighbours’ Ned Willis and Amy Greenwood to fall out amid baby hopes

Neighbours’ Ned Willis and Amy Greenwood will hit another stumbling barrier in their romance next week, as Amy aspires to have a child with Ned.

The marriage has had some difficult times recently, with Ned (Ben Hall) surreptitiously sharing a passionate moment with Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) while he and Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) were taking a break from their relationship.

Amy witnessed how enthusiastic Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) and Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) are about the potential of having a baby together after the couple decided to get back together, and she has expressed her desire to have another child with Ned – a prospect that he has been dubious about.

In new scenes set to appear in the UK next week, Ned tries to persuade Amy to think through her choices as rationally as possible.

His efforts, however, do not appear to be working, as Amy becomes so engrossed in her Fashion Week ideas that she neglects her drinks van company.

When Amy says she’s thinking of selling the van to raise money for Fashion Week, Ned can’t disguise his displeasure any longer. He informs Amy that she is pondering making another rash decision without fully understanding the implications.

Ned is left with a major concern about Amy: how can he consider having a child with someone who can be so irresponsible?

Amy and Ned resolve to give each other some space because their annoyance with each other is bubbling over.

When Ned gets home from work, though, he discovers Amy’s van parked on Ramsay Street, complete with a For Sale sign.

Is this the breaking point in Ned and Amy’s relationship?


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