Neighbours newcomer Kathleen Ebbs discusses the show’s first ever non-binary character

    Kathleen Ebbs, a newcomer to Neighbours, has opened up on what it was like to be cast as the Australian soap’s first non-binary character.

    In an Instagram post on Thursday, Ebbs, who is non-binary, verified the news of their casting (April 28).

    The first scenes of their character Asher Nesmith, briefly interacting with Jane Harris and Nicolette Stone at The Waterhole, have already been viewed by UK viewers. Later, Jane informs Nicolette that Asher is no longer single.

    According to an official photo, Asher will work at Harold’s Café, which Nicolette now oversees.

    “Stoked to finally announce that I have been cast as Asher Nesmith on @neighbours ! Welcoming the first non-binary character to hit Ramsey Street,” Ebbs said.

    “As someone who grew up watching this iconic soap, it was an honour to not only be a part of this amazing cast, but to be that representation I so desperately needed as kid. I hope I’ve done my community proud and you enjoy Asher as much as I enjoyed playing them. Here for a good time, not a long time!”

    They joked about their friends questioning why they were hiding out in Melbourne in a separate Instagram Story before explaining the significance of this new character joining the program.

    “In all seriousness being the first non-binary character to appear on Neighbours has been a very emotional thing for me,” Ebbs explained.

    “A part of me feels the pressure, but beyond that I am so grateful that @neighbours chose me to be that representation for young queer people and educate an audience of our existence. Because we do, in fact, EXIST!”

    Ebbs also mentioned that their debut performance as Asher Nesmith will be on May 10 in Australia.

    With the actor clarifying that their presence will not be a one-off, we can expect to see a lot more of Asher in the future.


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