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Neighbours’ Paul Robinson faces new tensions after hotel roof cliffhanger

Neighbours’ Paul Robinson will face new tensions with Jane Harris following the Lassiters rooftop cliffhanger.

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) was left clinging to the edge of the roof at the end of 2021, and her life was in danger. Paul (Stefan Dennis) saves Terese in the nick of time when the show returns in 2022, and although keeping his distance from her in the aftermath to give her space, he still wants her back.

Later in the week, David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) decides to invite his father over for dinner at his place.

Jane (Annie Jones) and Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) are also present, resulting in an uneasy supper, particularly when Paul repeatedly shifts the topic to Terese.

Paul wishes to speak with Terese and is dissatisfied with Terese’s friendship with Glen Donnelly.

Jane eventually explodes at Paul, pointing out his self-centeredness in the scenario. Following the encounter, Paul is even more furious.

Harlow Robinson, on the other hand, gets dangerously near to discovering Glen’s secret about Terese’s wedding ring. Roxy Willis and Kyle Canning are busy arranging their big wedding, and David thinks he knows what’s behind Harlow’s abrupt change in behavior and personality.

Amy Greenwood’s daughter Zara Selwyn, played by Freya Van Dyke, will arrive this week, and she won’t be pleased to learn about her mother’s polyamorous relationship with Ned Willis and Levi Canning.


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