Neighbours releases final ever cast photo ahead of show ending

    As the Australian soap prepares to end its run, Neighbours has issued its final cast portrait.

    The cast of Neighbours published their final promotional photo of the year on social media, with the entire cast posing alongside one another.

    Neighbours paid tribute to its “class of 2022” ahead of the series’ final episodes and the beginning of the end of an era.

    No, we’re not crying, you are.

    While current Neighbours fans will no doubt be overjoyed to see their favorite characters altogether, the show will also welcome back some recognizable and iconic characters from the past as it comes to a finale later this year.

    After more than 30 years away from Erinsborough, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan will resume their roles as Charlene and Scott Robinson for the show’s imminent climax, it was announced earlier this month.

    Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison explained to Inside Soap how little convincing Kylie and Jason needed to get involved in the farewell in an interview with Inside Soap.

    “They both appreciate the show and the special role that it has played in their careers,” he said. “It’s a lovely show of respect to Neighbours, and I was thrilled when they said yes. It didn’t feel right to end the show without them.”

    Scott and Charlene’s return scenes are expected to be “emotional,” which is slightly less surprising.

    “Scott and Charlene are the ultimate Neighbours couple and it would not feel right to end the show without them,” Herbison said in a previous statement.

    “We are thrilled that Jason and Kylie have come home to play a very special part in our series finale. It has been an emotional experience for them, for us and I’m sure it will be for our viewers.”


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