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Neighbours reveals Amy Greenwood’s fate after scary cliffhanger


Neighbours have portrayed the aftermath of Amy Greenwood’s major cliffhanger, in which her teenage daughter Zara Selwyn left her for dead.

Amy (Jacinta Stapleton), who was still recovering from her injuries from the storm, was put in danger yesterday after Zara shoved her during an argument. Despite the fact that Amy appeared to be in pain, Zara felt she was faking it and went away.

Amy received assistance on Wednesday’s program on Channel 5, when her on-again, off-again love interest Ned Willis (Ben Hall) decided to pay her a visit at her new food truck.

Ned was shocked to find Amy in such a bad situation and summoned an ambulance, which took her to the hospital.

Zara (Freya Van Dyke) received word quickly and was shocked to learn that Amy’s pain had been genuine.

At the hospital, Amy’s lung had collapsed due to problems, according to Dr Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher). Zara, on the other hand, said she had no idea what had happened when pressed for an explanation.

Zara selected Hendrix Greyson (Ben Turland) as her confidante once more, telling him that she didn’t believe Amy’s pain was genuine. She was ashamed to discover that she had abandoned her own mother.

Amy regained consciousness later and told Karl and Ned that she only had a foggy recollection of what had transpired.

During a moment alone, Zara then braced herself to reveal the truth.

Amy interrupted and explained: “I know. I remember what happened. It’s okay.”

“Because it wasn’t your fault,” Amy explained when asked why she hadn’t told anybody else. You had no idea. You were irritated. You made a mistake in your assessment of the scenario. This does not imply that you are a bad person.

“You’re a good kid, Zara. I’m sick of everyone thinking that you’re not. So let’s just keep this between you and me, okay?”

Amy and Zara made a promise to be kinder to one other, but has Zara’s bad behavior come to an end?


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