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Neighbours reveals fire drama and angry showdowns in 15 new spoiler pictures

Mackenzie receives a shock, Another fire breaks out at the school.

 Mackenzie is in the wrong place at the wrong time, She came to the school to see Zara, who’s going through a tough time.

Mackenzie and Zara have just had a heart-to-heart, But it was interrupted when they smelled the smoke.

Mackenzie starts to lose hope, The flames are growing in the corridor, so she and Zara have to hide in a store cupboard.

Mackenzie is scared, There seems to be no way out.

Zara has an idea, Can they both get to safety?

 The fire brigade are at the school again, Everyone is in a state of panic.

Zara has managed to get herself to safety, She confronts Aubrey.

Zara accuses Aubrey of starting the fire, She says that Aubrey has been setting her up.

Zara is dragged away from Aubrey, Amy is not impressed.

Everyone wonders what to believe, Who is telling the truth?

 Zara speaks to Amy, She denies any responsibility for the fire.

Susan has her say, She confronts Zara.

Zara sticks to her story, She’s upset that nobody believes her.

Zara may be in serious trouble, What does the future hold for her?


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