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Neighbours reveals full details of hearing loss storyline for Aubrey’s gran Shannon

Shannon Laing’s hearing loss storyline has been verified in full by Neighbours.

After her granddaughter Aubrey (Etoile Little) was expelled from Erinsborough High due to the recent fires, Jane Harris (Annie Jones) offered Shannon (Francesca Waters) homeschooling aid for her granddaughter.

Shannon tried lip-reading but averted her gaze quickly when Jane announced a deadline for returning an important form. Shannon was unable to return the paperwork on time as a result of this.

Curtis Perkins (Nathan Borg), who has a cochlear implant, notices Shannon has hearing problems at a meeting with her and Aubrey in the coming weeks, but Shannon replies defensively and adamantly denies having any hearing problems.

When the worries are raised again, Aubrey opens up to Curtis, but Shannon remains in denial.

Shannon, on the other hand, is shocked by a near-death experience and decides to seek treatment.

Shannon has a tearing test at her local Specsavers store with Curtis’ help, and a hearing aid makes her life much simpler.

Nathan Borg and guest star Francesca Waters are both deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen

“Being able to cast wonderful actors such as Francesca and Nathan, who are so committed to tell this story authentically, is very rewarding for Neighbours, and we’re thankful for Specsavers’ insights to help us faithfully bring an important message to life in an entertaining way,” the show’s executive producer Jason Herbison said.

The Specsavers store in Forest Hill Chase, Australia was used to film scenes for the tale.


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