Neighbours spoilers: Ben Hall reveals ‘glimmer of hope’ in ‘beautiful’ exit scenes as Ned Willis says goodbye

    Next week on Neighbours, Ned Willis (Ben Hall) takes a momentous decision, deciding to leave Erinsborough and start over somewhere else.

    After the truth about his affair with Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) was exposed in a spectacular manner, the fan-favorite is sure that it’s time for him to leave Ramsay Street.

    Ned is caught between Harlow and Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton), and he doesn’t sure what to do for the best. In the following scenes, he seeks advice from Roxy (Zima Anderson).

    The chat is extremely beneficial to Ned, who realizes that the scenario is simply too complex to work with either of his love interests and thus decides to end the relationship.

    ‘Most of the street is really disappointed in him,’ actor Ben Hall told, discussing Ned’s reasons for departing.

    ‘Paul is furious, as always! He’s let Terese down and Toadie is mortified by his behavior, so he’s a bit friendless at this stage!’

    On Tuesday, May 10, Ned begins his farewell tour, saying goodbye to nearly everyone who has had an impact on him since his arrival in Ramsay Street in 2016.

    ‘Ned has left a few times over the years like when I came in as a guest initially, I was always coming in for short stints and getting in a cab and driving away,’ Ben said, teasing his final scenes. ‘In true Neighbours fashion, this is his final moment [too].

    ‘It’s a beautiful scene. All of Ned’s closest friends and his faux family are there to say goodbye.’

    ‘There is a little glimmer of hope as he goes! There is a nice little moment in there that I think fans will appreciate.’

    We’re stocking up on tissues as we speak!

    After 37 years on the air, Neighbours will come to an end on August 1. For the last episode, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan will reprise their roles as Charlene and Scott Robinson, respectively, while Harold Bishop star Ian Smith will also return.

    But who does Ben hope to see a return to Ramsay Street one last time before the show ends?

    I’d have to say Natalie Imbruglia!,’ exclaimed the star. ‘Might even pull me back in! [laughs]. Scott McGregor, coming back for a little bit [would be good], I always loved working with him. I’d love to see him back. Who knows?

    ‘It’s going to be a really, joyous and happy ending, which is a great way to send Neighbours off. There was potential that the show could’ve kept going for a bit longer and then funding [would’ve] run out and axing the cast and crew until it became a bit of a skeleton.

    ‘At the moment while they’ve got budget and heaps of cast returning and big names, and big storylines, I think it’s all going to tie up really nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing it!’


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