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Neighbours spoilers: Death in Ramsay Street as deadly storm hits wedding

While many are glad to see the back of 2021, someone in Ramsay Street isn’t having a great time in 2022 either. We’ve all seen the trailer; a coffin being solemnly wheeled through Erinsborough with the promise ‘someone will die!’ But who? It’s a grim and grief-stricken start to the New Year for the Neighbours. Two weeks into January and Death Week is upon us!

There’s a terrible storm gathering on Ramsay Street, and it’s not just Roxy’s (Zima Anderson) rage over her imminent wedding disaster. She calls it off, but with Kyle’s (Chris Milligan) steely drive to see it through, nothing will be able to stop them from marrying. Even if it means sacrificing someone’s life.

A big storm is expected to hit Erinsborough, but Kyle is determined to push on despite the warnings, having already faced so much difficulty.

Despite Roxy’s proclamation that she’s done with it all, he is anxious to make Roxy his wife and works tirelessly to make it happen. The day begins with everyone looking stunning, love and romance filling the air in abundance, and everyone in a good mood. Kyle and Roxy are now husband and wife as the vows go off without a hitch!

Everyone is entirely distracted from the severe storm forming outside because it is such a gorgeous day. That will prove to be a terrible error. It swallows the flimsy Flamingo bar as it sinks over the Lassiter’s complex. The storm intensifies, and a massive lightning strike occurs. Someone’s life is taken away in a flash of light.

In new images, Paul (Stefan Dennis) can be seen bloodied, trapped and unconscious in the rubble from the disaster, as can Leo’s (Tim Kano) lover Britney. Could it be either of these two who lose their lives?

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