Neighbours Spoilers – Will Karl risk everything for a better life?

    Will Karl go against Susan’s wishes and risk everything next week on Neighbours in the UK, as he tries to set them up for a more extravagant retirement?

    These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, April 4th, and in Australia on Tuesday, April 26th.

    Karl and Susan Kennedy, along with their children Libby (Kym Valentine), Malcolm (Benjamin McNair), and Billy (Benjamin McNair), moved into 28 Ramsay Street in 1994. (Jesse Spencer).

    Karl and Susan have lived on Ramsay Street for 30 years, and despite moving off the street into apartments during their many marital issues, they have always found their way back to each other and to No 28.

    The archway leading to their home is one of the most recognizable views on Australian television, and the property has seen its fair share of drama both inside and out.

    Karl and Susan have taken in a slew of kids and teens over the course of their decades in Erinsborough, including a now-grown-up Toadie (Ryan Moloney) in the late ’90s, and Hendrix (Ben Turland) as their most recent ‘foster child,’ but might it all be coming to an end?

    Karl, Susan, and a few of their closest friends are invited to Clive Gibbons’ (Geoff Paine) magnificent apartment next week; Clive’s acquisition is likely why Clive hasn’t been seen on Ramsay Street since 2022.

    What they witness astounds them. It’s plush and lavish, the ideal home for a successful doctor and senior management at Erinsborough Hospital as he approaches retirement.

    Karl appears on edge, while Susan, Toadie (Ryan Moloney), and Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) are all blown over by the property. Despite the rich furniture, luxurious decor, and magnificent deck overlooking the trees below, he sees lots of flaws with Clive’s fancy home.

    He’s actually envious, as the evening has made him feel inadequate. While he and Susan live a perfectly happy life in suburban Melbourne, he begins to wonder if it is truly what Susan desires.

    Has he done enough to guarantee the lifestyle that his wife has always desired as they approach retirement?

    The concept sticks in Karl’s mind as the week progresses, and the famously frugal doctor decides to increase his fortune so that he and Susan can retire in elegance and enjoy their golden years to the utmost.

    Montana Marcel, please come in (Tammin Sursok). As she seeks for a location to stage her glittering fashion week, the fashion mogul has recently interrupted the lives of many Erinsborough residents.

    Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) have been attempting to persuade her to organize the event at Lassiter’s for several weeks, and it took Leo’s (Tim Kano) slick-talking and other abilities to win the tender.

    When Karl overhears Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Montana conversing, he realizes that Montana could be the person who can help him realize his dreams. He approaches Montana at The Waterhole in his lycra cycle shorts and a suit and tie, pitching her an idea — he wants to invest in her newest venture!

    Unfortunately for Karl, there is a stumbling hurdle in the form of Susan! When he informs her about his plans, she realizes that investing their money in the business of a woman they hardly know may not be the wisest move, and she dismisses the proposal.

    Karl, on the other hand, is resolved not to let them down and is determined to provide them with the retirement of their dreams. Will he defy Susan’s desires and jeopardize their savings?

    While we believe this storyline was planned before Neighbours’ termination was officially announced, viewers are already speculating that Karl and Susan may opt to depart Ramsay Street for greener pastures in the show’s final episodes.

    Could Karl’s desire for a better life signal the end of the couple’s time in Erinsborough and the start of the show’s demise?

    The cast will film the final episode of Neighbours in June, with the show airing in August in the UK and September or October in Australia.

    Paul catches Leo and Montana kissing

    Karl isn’t the only person catching Montana’s eye next week.

    Montana agreed to grant Lassiters the Fashion Week tender if he joined her in the bedroom, thus she and Leo have already slept together. Leo assured Terese and Chloe that he had rejected Montana’s indecent proposal and that Lassiters had won the tender solely on the basis of its credentials, but he had given in to temptation.

    Now he has no choice but to keep up the charade because Montana won’t let him back out of their rendezvous, and Leo realizes she has complete power.

    David (Takaya Honda) tells his brother to turn off the lights before it’s too late, but Leo has no idea how to do so without jeopardizing Lassiters’ prospects of hosting the glamorous event.

    Paul finds the truth about Montana proposing to Leo the following week, and he becomes suspicious of their relationship right away.

    At the vineyard, he captures them in a passionate moment and jumps to a terrible conclusion.

    With Paul Robinson on the attack, is Fashion Week about to come crashing down?

    A new career for Mackenzie?

    Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) asks Terese if she can work as an unpaid intern at Fashion Week in the hopes of getting closer to Montana.

    Terese agrees, but Mackenzie quickly discovers that Montana doesn’t want a second assistant when she already has Mick (Joel Creasey). Instead, Montana recommends that Mackenzie participate in the event as a model.

    Mac is skeptical at first — it’s absolutely out of her comfort zone – but she quickly becomes engrossed. Is it now her turn to walk the runway?

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