Neighbours star Ben Turland responds to Hendrix Greyson’s huge new storyline

    For the first time, Ben Turland of Neighbours has commented about Hendrix Greyson’s major new storyline.

    Hendrix received the news that he has a life-threatening lung disease on Thursday’s UK show (May 5).

    Dr. Sian Caton, played by Esther Anderson, revealed to Hendrix that he has sarcoidosis, an inflammatory condition that has damaged his lungs and caused his current coughing.

    Pulmonary fibrosis has already occurred as a result of this. To live, Hendrix now requires a lung transplant.

    Speaking to Digital Spy about the emotional plot, Ben explained: “I was taken into the office and told that they wanted to do this storyline and it was going to be quite big.

    “I was honoured to take it on, and it’s been really good to explore it with everybody.

    “Hendrix’s health issues were triggered by the fire at Erinsborough High, when he saved Mackenzie. This brought on the pulmonary fibrosis.

    “It’s been a slow approach to the story since then, but now we really get into it. It’s been a good challenge.”

    In the next days, viewers will watch how the news affects Hendrix’s relationship with Mackenzie. Other characters Hendrix confides in include the Kennedys, Chloe Brennan, and David Tanaka.

    Ben went on: “Hendrix has been a huge help to Mackenzie over the last few months. That’s all Hendrix wants to do — simply be there for Mackenzie.

    “It’s been nice to now sit down and work with Georgie [Stone, who plays Mackenzie], figuring out how they’d cope with something like this alongside their friends and families.

    “It’s been nice to explore a different side of their love, but also the fear and worry they feel over Hendrix’s condition.

    “Hendrix still definitely has a chance. He’s been told that he has to have a lung transplant to survive, but it’s definitely a solid chance and it’s a rollercoaster for him.”

    When the Rodwell family moves into Ramsay Street next week, the story takes a new turn.

    Hendrix is triggered by this because Sadie Rodwell and her friend Aubrey Laing ignited the fire.

    Ben said: “Hendrix doesn’t quite know how he’s going to act when the Rodwells move in. He wants to live life with Mackenzie quite normally. Even though he’s got this sickness, he doesn’t want to think about it.

    “But because Sadie was one of the people who caused his sickness and she has just moved next door, he can’t really escape it. Every time he sees them, it reminds him of his illness and what’s happened to him.

    “It’s a big battle in Hendrix’s head to figure out how he’s going to act – and if he can go on living his normal life with this sickness and the reminder of what has happened.”


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