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Neighbours star Jacinta Stapleton teases future of Amy and Zara storyline

“Zara wants Amy to herself.”

Neighbours star Jacinta Stapleton has spoken to Digital Spy about Zara Selwyn’s arrival in Erinsborough, revealing that it was always the plan to bring in Amy Greenwood’s troublesome daughter.

The new season of the show has begun with a major new tale for Amy, who was caught off guard when Zara showed up wanting to spend time with her.

Amy has been struggling to juggle her responsibilities as a mom to Zara with her polyamorous relationship with Ned Willis (Ben Hall) and Levi Canning in recent days (Richie Morris).

Zara asks Amy to put things on hold with Ned and Levi in Wednesday’s episode (January 12) on Channel 5 so she may focus only on her.

“It was actually, it was always on the cards,” Jacinta told Digital Spy when asked if Zara’s introduction was always planned when Amy returned. Amy hasn’t been involved in the lives of her children. Amy, I believe, suffers from abandonment issues, as she has done with her own children.

“Amy was always on the move, working as a flight attendant and traveling the globe. She hasn’t spent nearly enough time with her children, who have been raised by their two gay fathers.

“Amy was scared that Zara wouldn’t comprehend the severity of a polyamorous relationship. Amy, I’m guessing, has been through it all with the entire community and has been attempting to defend it all. Now that Zara has arrived, she’s the one person Amy wants to respect, but she’s finding it difficult to do so.

“Essentially it’s more about the fact that Zara wants Amy to herself. She hasn’t had a woman in her life and she’s 16 and she just wants the chance to bond with her.

“Zara has spent her entire life in Queensland with her fathers and brothers, and she has never had that female time. That’s what she wants, and she’s not interested in competing for her attention.”

After the auditions, Jacinta was overjoyed when Freya Van Dyke was cast in the part of Zara.

She stated, ” “I was present throughout the callback session. They had five girls from the shortlist, and I got the one I wanted. It wasn’t up to me, but Freya was clearly the best candidate for the part.

“Everyone was great, and they were all extremely skilled on the callback level, but Freya had this wonderful fire, as well as a beautiful vulnerability.

“Freya and I just connected. I thought that she had brought a really beautiful emotional quality and real softness, even though she comes in and she’s quite the whirlwind, like a wrecking ball.

“It’s so funny because Freya just turned 18 and that’s the age I started. There’s a lot of getting in trouble in school and Amy misunderstanding her. It’s really interesting to see.”

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