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Neighbours star Stefan Dennis reveals scrapped storyline for Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson has had a variety of plots throughout the years, ranging from tragic and serious to slightly more humorous, but actor Stefan Dennis has revealed that his favorite narrative for his character didn’t exactly unfold the way he expected.

Stefan, who initially played Paul in 1985, told Inside Soap that his favorite Paul plot “really never happened” due to travel constraints.

When asked about his favorite Paul plot, the actor stated, “It’s the one that never happened, where Paul and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) were meant to get married in Las Vegas.”

“We were all prepared to travel out there, but there was a visa issue, and then COVID came along.” It would have been the same narrative, with all the ex-wives showing up, just this time in Vegas rather than Queensland. That was my personal favorite!”

Thankfully, despite the forced relocation, we were still treated to the pleasure of watching Paul accosted by all of his ex-wives, who were eager to warn Terese against marrying Paul.

Thankfully, despite Paul’s displeasure with seeing his ex-wives, Stefan gets along much better with the actors who played them in real life and has built some long-lasting friendships with them.

“Fiona Corke, who portrayed Gail, and Rebekah, who plays Paul’s present wife, Terese, are two of my lifelong friends,” he stated. “Bek and I get along so well because we’re both mischievous kids!” It’s always nice to see the others, though.

“I’ve known Jane Hall (Rebecca) since she was 12 years old, and I even worked with her on her first major acting role on The Henderson Kids.” I played her kidnapper, then married her 30 years later!”

Although Paul has a long record of ex-wives, Stefan believes he has it right with his present marriage, as he named Terese as the wife Paul is best suited to.

He stated, “They come from the same job background and share the same ideals.” “Terese is Paul’s moral compass; she has the capacity and the courage to bring him back into line, and he respects her for it.” “A strong woman appeals to Paul.”

Unfortunately, Paul and Terese’s marriage is currently in disarray, with the couple living apart and Terese forming an attachment to Paul’s half-brother, Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett). Is there, however, still hope for the couple?


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