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Neighbours star Stefan Dennis reveals storm aftermath for Paul and Terese

Will they reunite?

Stefan Dennis, star of Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about Paul Robinson and Terese Willis reuniting after the storm disaster this week.

Bad weather hits Erinsborough on the day of Kyle Canning and Roxy Willis’ wedding, according to a major new storyline on the program.

The guests’ decision to seek refuge at the Flamingo Bar appears to be a poor one because they are not safe inside.

Paul is brought to the hospital in a severe condition as a result of the aftermath, and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is forced to ponder if she still loves her estranged husband.

Stefan teased Digital Spy about the aftermath, saying, “Terese rushes to be with Paul.” Terese still loves Paul, despite their breakup, and this is the issue. Terese is Terese, and Paul is head over heals in love with her. Terese is enraged by Paul’s behavior, but she loves him dearly.

“When you love someone and they are in serious danger, you run to their aid.”

“Terese accepts her affair with Glen and says, ‘Look, my husband’s unwell, I’ve got to be with him,’ he added. She sticks close to Paul’s side. When Paul is discharged from the hospital, he is still quite sick and requires nursing care. Terese, much to Paul’s delight, decides to move into the penthouse with him.

“As actors, Bek and I both enjoy filming break-up scenes. Playing the drama is a lot of fun. However, I believe the world wants Terese and Paul to reunite as characters.

“I would like to see that as well, because they’re so suited to each other but also so different. That’s why they’re always so feisty. They’re just two very, very strong characters who clash.”

Tuesday’s program on Channel 5 depicts the storm, while Wednesday’s episode featured a rare Neighbours time jump, with the action moving seven days into the future.

“You have the stormy night and the disaster that results from it,” Stefan added. Then, seven days later, in the next episode, everyone is cleaning up the pieces. The twists and turns begin at this point.

“The building fell on Paul and he ends up having a ruptured liver. He undergoes major surgery and he’s not a well boy at all.

“When I received the script, I expected to spend the next week dozing off in bed! I figured I’d be able to relax with no lines — your character being in the hospital for a week is an actor’s fantasy. They then performed a time jump!”

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