Neighbours star Zima Anderson reveals whether she’d return for show finale

    Neighbours is coming to an end, and former star Zima Anderson has spoken out about whether she’ll return for the final episode.

    The opera will witness the return of various characters over the following three months, as it is set to expire on August 1 in both the UK and Australia. Anderson, on the other hand, does not appear to be one of them at this time.

    “There’s nothing in the books,” the Roxy Willis actress told Digital Spy.

    “I think [Anderson’s co-star] Chris Milligan is back home in the Gold Coast now. But if they asked us, I’d be happy to pop in and say hello. It’d be so fun if Roxy had a baby bump!”

    Anderson was last seen in the role of Roxy earlier this month. Roxy and her husband Kyle Canning (Milligan) left Ramsay Street for a new start in Darwin in the actress’s final appearances.

    Anderson will undoubtedly be watching the show’s finale, regardless of whether she will return.

    “Imagine being the last actors on Neighbours. That is absolutely iconic and I cannot wait to watch it,” she said.

    “It’s going to be so exciting – with the people who they’re bringing back, and everyone who is there already.”

    Despite being “excited to see [her co-stars’] storylines and to see them revel in being the last actors on Neighbours,” Anderson admitted missing the show.

    “And of course I had FOMO – I’d be there in a heartbeat! It’s so exciting for them. I’m very happy and proud for them.”

    There’s still time for Anderson to get a call from producers, with numerous characters returning before the final episode – and many fans wanting to see Kylie pop up to say hi, too.


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