Neighbours teases dramatic Fashion Week episodes in new trailer

    In a new video, Neighbours teases that a storm of turmoil is about to break out on Ramsay Street.

    The opening of the Lassiters Fashion Week will be the focus of next week’s episodes, as Paul Robinson’s plans to exact revenge on his estranged wife Terese by manipulating Montana Marcel are put into action.

    Despite the procession of vivid and intricately decorated garments on the runway, turmoil is building behind the scenes.

    “I’m about to be arrested,” Marcel exclaims tearfully in the trailer as Paul breaks into a smug smile.

    After learning she had been fiddling the books for years to escape taxes, the businessman has backed the fashion mogul into a corner.

    And it seems her words in the clip will ring true as Paul can be later heard announcing: “Montana Marcel is not the woman that you think she is.”

    Could it be that this is the moment everything falls apart?

    Unfortunately, Marcel’s unlawful operations aren’t the only thing that’s going to throw Terese’s huge party into disarray.

    Another calamity is on the way, according to the trailer, when Ned Willis and Harlow Robinson’s affair is revealed to the public.

    Harlow can be seen upset as she is forced to watch Ned and Amy Greenwood’s love from the sidelines in moments leading up to the final showdown.

    “I can’t stop thinking about you,” she confesses to Ned, who had previously made the decision to stay with Amy.

    And it doesn’t take long for Ned to give in, as the two lock lips in a passionate embrace.

    But how long before their affair is revealed to the rest of the world?


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