Olympia Valance confirms she is returning to Ramsay Street for the Neighbours finale.

    Olympia Valance has revealed that she will return to Ramsay Street for the final episode of Neighbours, which was canceled in February.

    Paige Smith, a much-loved character in the series, was played by the 29-year-old model, who left the beloved serial in 2018 after four years.

    The announcement comes just days after Neighbours executive producers confirmed that two of the show’s most well-known stars, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, would share the screen for the final time on the legendary serial.

    Olympia announced her return to Neighbours on Instagram, affectionately reminiscing about her time on the show.

    The dark-haired beauty told Greek publication Neos Kosmos, ‘Neighbours has always seemed like home to me.’

    ‘There’s a reason why Neighbours is referred to be the best training ground on the planet.’

    She expressed her sadness when she learned of the show’s discontinuation in March, following the loss of its main UK broadcast partner Channel 5.

    ‘I feel like I grew up watching Neighbours…extremely it’s special to step back into Paige’s shoes as Australia’s most renowned television show comes to an end,’ she remarked.

    Olympia didn’t say whether her half-sister and fellow Neighbours alum Holly Valance will be joining her in the finale.

    Holly, now 38, debuted on Neighbours in 1999 and went on to have a successful music career and acting career after leaving the show in 2002.

    Rajko Vukadinovic, the father of both sisters, is the same.

    Olympia, who is engaged to former AFL star Thomas Bellchambers, stated in the interview that the couple will spend their honeymoon in Greece once they are married later this year.

    Jason Herbison, the executive producer of Neighbours, recently paid a moving homage to Kylie and Jason, saying they were looking forwards to their comeback.

    On Instagram, he wrote, “Scott and Charlene are the quintessential Neighbours pair.”

    ‘It wouldn’t feel right to close the show without them,’ says the producer.

    Filming the episode was an emotional event for the couple as well as the show’s production team, he said.

    In episode 523, aired in 1987, two million Australians and over 20 million British viewers tuned in to watch Donovan’s Scott Mitchell and Minogue’s Charlene Robinson tie the marriage.

    The last episode – number 8,903, which will premiere on August 1 – will be kept under wraps.


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