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Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman, actors of Home and Away, have a picture of their love.

Summer Bay has long been a haven for romance-seeking Home and Away performers.
Bec Hewitt (née Cartwright) and Beau Brady, Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds, Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas, and married couple James Stewart and Sarah Roberts are among the Home and Away stars who have dazzled viewers by dating off-camera.

Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor, co-stars on the show, have swiftly become one of our favorite couples of all time.
Sophie and Patrick, unlike many of their fellow lovebirds, met long before they set foot in the fictional little town.
Sophie, 28, told The Morning Show in March 2021, “We actually knew one other at uni – we went to acting school together years ago.”
“We were friends back then, but we were in different years at the time, so we didn’t see each other much – until we ran into each other on the program. And, coincidentally, our characters met on the show.”

Sophie and her real-life partner Patrick’s on-screen characters Ziggy and Dean’s heartfelt break-up moments aired in September 2020.
While many fans struggled with their breakup, Sophie claims she was able to keep the fictional tale from affecting her personal life.
“We’re both actors, so our goal was to do the best work we could, and we were incredibly proud of ourselves for doing that,” she stated.
The couple, who were both born in Queensland, currently live in Sydney and have collaborated on set for many years.
The couple’s good times transcend over into their social lives, and they’re never afraid to share silly selfies with their fans.

Scroll on to see Sophie and Patrick’s relationship in pictures.


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