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Paul collapses and Levi caught in gun terror in deadly week: 6 big Neighbours spoilers

This week looks set to be deadly for the Neighbours, are we about to lose two favourites in one go?

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is the first to have Death hovering in front of his Ring doorbell, and he will most likely be shuffling off his mortal coil by the end of this week as a result of his own falsehoods.

Nobody believes him when he says he’s ill because he’s spun so many lies. He’s pushed away all of his loved ones, and when he passes out, no one is there to help him.

Levi (Richie Morris) is dangerously close to meeting his creator when he’s taken at gunpoint thanks to his investigations into Freya, so Paul’s probable journey up to the pearly gates may not be a lonely one (assuming he goes there) (Phoebe Roberts). Is he going to be able to get out of this one using his cop skills?

Elsewhere, there’s huge heartbreak for Aaron (Matt Wilson) when his worst nightmare comes true.

Hendrix (Benny Turland) is in huge trouble when he shares a snog with Zara (Freya Van Dyke). Will he come clean to Mackenzie (Georgie Stone)?

And Roxy (Zima Anderson) has a plan up her sleeve.

Paul’s falsehoods are about to bite him square in the face. His family has had enough of him, Terese has walked away, and he is on his own. The main issue here is that there is something seriously wrong with him, not in the sense that he’s a serial manipulator, but that he’s sick this time, and no one trusts a man who has cried wolf before.

They dismiss his new unusual behavior as nervousness, but there’s a problem on the horizon. Everyone has grown tired of him and has turned their backs on him, leaving him alone while his health deteriorates. When Glen comes to check on him, he has collapsed and is clinging to life. Is he, however, too late?

Levi dies in shock shoot out?

Levi is another Neighbour struggling for his life, while Paul Robinson battles serious health issues. Levi sets out on a quest to learn more about Freya’s mystery, but he is confronted by a crazed man armed with a gun. What exactly is Freya’s problem?

He’s insane and willing to annihilate everyone who stands in his way, and right now that’s Levi. He just got out of jail and has no intention of returning. Is Levi a gonner with no one to help him?

Aaron’s worst nightmare

Aaron has been concerned since being asked to care for baby Abigail that Leo could change his mind. Aaron attempted to put measures in place to protect his family, but when David confronted him, he was left fearful of losing the child he adores. Leo is conflicted over his decision to walk away, and his worst fears are about to come true.

Aaron and David are set to become her legal guardians, but Chloe, who can see Leo’s suffering, swoops in and throws the cat among the pigeons. She arranges for Leo to spend time with Roxy and Kyle, who are both obsessed with babies, and it has the desired effect – he realizes he has what they want. It’s priceless, and he can’t bear to part with it. Aaron has been shattered by his back-pedaling, and he holds Chloe responsible.

Hendrix and Zara shock kiss

Zara hasn’t stopped causing havoc since the minor school fire. She insists she is innocent, but no one would believe her, so she seeks help from Hendrix.

The poor clueless lad has no idea what she’s up to, and before he realizes it, she’s kissing him. What will he tell Mackenzie now that he’s been rendered speechless? Amy, on the other hand, has had enough of Zara and is considering sending her back to Cairns. Has Zara finally overstepped her bounds?

Levi manages to survive his brush with death, but now his family demand he give up on Freya once and for all. But he can’t, and he’s about to find himself in more danger. Levi chases a lead that takes him directly to some dodgy dealers and his safety is once again at huge risk. Will following Freya be the death of him?

Roxy’s plan to save Levi

Roxy is quite worried about her friend. She sees him being drawn into something sinister, particularly after the knife incident with Freya. Roxy is frightened that Freya will be Levi’s undoing. So Roxy devises a strategy — she whispers in his sergeant’s ear about him working with Freya on the side.

She then invites Wendy, the sergeant’s wife, over for a warm cup of tea. Roxy is plotting something, but what exactly is she planning?


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