Penny McNamee’s compelling new career move

    Penny McNamee made a name for herself as the beloved Dr. Tori Morgan on Home and Away, but now she’s expanding her horizons.

    On Wednesday, it was revealed that the 39-year-old actress has entered the burgeoning field of podcasting for the first time.

    Penny has agreed to star in LiSTNR’s debut radio drama, The Younger Man, which is based on everyone’s favourite business tycoon, Zo Foster Blake, and his best-selling book of the same name.

    According to a press release from LiSTNR, the audio rom-com podcast series “The Younger Man” “used LiSTNR’s unique audio-first production talents, and a cast of Australian actors, to produce a new sort of audio entertainment for the Australian market.”

    For those who are unfamiliar with the plot of the best-selling book, it centres on a burnt-out businesswoman named Abby (voiced by Amazing Grace actor Ella Scott Lynch), who falls in love with a younger man named Marcus (Nicholas Burton, Pieces of Her).

    Penny has signed on to star in LiSTNR’s first audio fiction series, The Younger Man, based on the best-selling book of the same name by everyone’s favourite business mogul, Zoë Foster Blake.

    The plot focuses on their unique relationship’s highs and lows as they wryly deal with their age difference in the face of social pressure.

    Chelsea, one of Abby’s closest friends and confidantes, will be portrayed by Penny, and Mads, Abby’s other best friend, will be portrayed by Clickbait star Andrea Dimitriades.

    Even book enthusiasts have no reason not to listen because LiSTNR claims that the audio version will add some twists and turns to Zo’s story.

    According to Jen Goggin, head of content for LiSTNR’s original podcasts, “the process of using our production team’s skills to adapt and create a unique audio-first approach to The Younger Man story has been a dynamic, creative, and exciting experience. The result is a fun, compelling, and immersive piece of audio-entertainment.”

    Penny made a name for herself as the beloved Dr. Tori Morgan on Home and Away, but now she’s expanding her horizons.

    Last year, Penny decided to leave Home and Away after more than five years, explaining to Who at the time that she had no regrets about leaving the show:

    “I’m not someone who looks backwards. I’m a real believer in everything has its season and leaving the show felt like the end of a season to me,” she explains. “I feel hugely grateful for the amazing time I’ve had on the show,” she said.

    Penny shares two kids, Jack, five and Neve, three, with husband Matt Tooker, whom she married in 2009.

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