Sam Frost confirms romance with Survivor star Jordie Hansen

    Sam Frost has gone “Instagram-official” with her new reality TV star boyfriend in a series of snaps taken during a weekend getaway.

    The former Home And Away star, 32, was featured in Survivor: Blood vs Water participant Jordie Hansen’s Instagram Story, which showed them on a road journey from Sydney to the south coast of New South Wales.

    Hansen captioned the video, which showed a happy Frost in the passenger seat carrying a puppy, “Little team of escapees down the coast.”

    Frost was then seen sat on the floor – probably at their lodging – with a cheese platter and glass of wine, according to a later tweet.

    Frost also shared a black-and-white photo of herself and her new partner on the couch with four dogs.

    It comes only days after the former Bachelorette acknowledged the new relationship by playfully referring to herself as a “cougar” while revealing she’s seeing one of her younger brother’s best friends.

    In an interview with Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa last week, the reality star turned actress admitted, “Yeah look, I’m seeing someone, we’re hanging out.”

    Frost, 32, had turned “red as a beetroot,” according to the hosts, as she revealed a few more facts about her as-yet nameless new partner.

    “He’s friends with my brother,” she said, referring to younger brother Alex, 26.

    “When I bailed my brother up and I was like, ‘Oi is he single or what?’ and then he was like ‘Ah don’t be weird! You’re so embarrassing!’”

    She confirmed her new man was “younger … I’m a little cougar, you know”.

    It’s now all-but-confirmed that the man she was referring to is Hansen, who appeared on the most recent season of Survivor alongside her brother.

    Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Stellar, Frost opened up about her traumatic previous six months.

    When the former Bachelorette shared an emotional video to Instagram in October explaining why she hadn’t yet been vaccinated against Covid and asking for empathy for people who didn’t want to receive the vaccine, she was faced with a barrage of criticism.

    She warned at the time that she “might get in trouble” if she revealed her vaccine stance, but she pleaded for “compassion” and “empathy” for people who had made the same decision.

    Frost said she “wasn’t in a good place” when she shot the video and wanted to reach out to others who shared her vaccine apprehension for the first time to Stellar, and that she “wanted to reach out to others who shared my vaccine apprehension.”

    She revealed she had earlier suffered a “huge panic attack” during a consultation with her doctor about which Covid-19 vaccine was best for her.

    “The bullying of unvaccinated people was disgusting,” she said. “Friends I’d had for years stopped talking to me. I never said I didn’t want to get it. I’m not an anti-vaxxer – are you kidding me? But I feel it’s quite unreasonable to assume that everyone’s going to think exactly the same way and that people are going to come to the exact same conclusion in the same time frame.”


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