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Sick revenge plot and Levi destroyed by false accusation?: 7 big Neighbours spoilers

Evil has come to town in the form of Amy’s (Jacinta Stapleton) daughter. She’s already caused a stir during her short time on the street, but when she gets scorned by two Ramsay Street residents, her devil side knows no bounds, even a child gets caught up in her sick plot for revenge.

Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milligan) are planning a wedding that will be a complete disaster. Not only is Mike causing problems, but Roxy now has to deal with her mother’s opposition to her wedding, as well as a grumpy Harlow (Jemma Donovan). Is this a cursed wedding?

Glen (Richard Huggett) is going to go down in flames now that Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) has figured him out. What will she do with the data she’s gathered about him?

And while everyone else is going through a rough patch, Leo (Tim Kano) may be on the verge of finding love. N’awww. Britney is prepared to tell him how she truly feels. Are they on their way to finding their happily ever after?

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Bridal party mutiny

Is it too much to ask for Roxy and Kyle to just get married?! The drama surrounding their wedding continues to mount, with the latest being her mother Gemma’s reluctance. Gemma is opposed to the wedding in every manner and does not want it to take place, so Roxy reacts by removing her from it. Instead, she prefers to rely only on Mackenzie for assistance.

Roxy believes she can now relax and enjoy herself now that the decision has been made, but Harlow reacts angrily when she hears she is not a member of the bridal party. Roxy is ready to fight back after being pushed to her limit. It’s her day, not anyone else’s. Harlow hasn’t been a good friend recently, and she hasn’t earned a spot at the wedding. When Harlow sees Roxy’s distress, she realizes she’s made a mistake and isn’t sure how to make things right.

Amy’s tough love 

Amy isn’t used to being a mother and is having trouble keeping her daughter Zara in line, especially because she is a bit of a wild child herself. Toadie and Susan, two seasoned parents, come in with some sound advise, advising Amy to set some limits for Zara.

They tell Amy that she must offer her an ultimatum: either acquire a job or move on. By providing Zara a job, Ned sees an opportunity to appear like a kind man and further ingratiate himself with the family. He considers himself noble and astute, but is this about to backfire spectacularly?

Is Melanie on to Glen?

With the discovery of Terese’s wedding ring, Melanie notes Glen’s erratic behavior. She decides to take on the role of detective and begins questioning Glen to see what he knows. As his remorse begins to seep through his pores, she’s pressing the appropriate buttons.

Mel becomes increasingly suspicious as he begins to sweat. What is Glen up to these days? Terese, on the other hand, wants more from Glen and invites him to live with her as her sober companion. Will Mel issue a warning to Terese?

Love for Leo

Isn’t it time for Leo to strike it rich in love? He’s been looking for the one for a long time, even attempting to take other people’s partners along the road. Britney feels closer to Leo the more time she spends with him, and Leo appears to feel the same way — they both want to get their romance back on track.

She summons the fortitude to put her heart on the line alone in the vineyard. It’s a major issue for both of them, but just as the sexual tension is building, an alarm goes off — they’re not alone, and someone is hiding in one of the sheds.

Levi’s false accusation

Amy must abandon her connections with Levi and Ned and focus completely on Zara, according to Zara. Amy kowtows for a simple life and to keep her daughter happy, despite the fact that it is a selfish request. Right now, Zara is her top priority. She says her goodbyes to the lads, sad that it’s all over, but who should be waiting in the bushes just as Amy gives them a final hug? Zara, of course, is ready to leap out the window and into the erroneous conclusion.

She misinterprets the situation as her mother explicitly defying her orders, which, in her opinion, warrants punishment. Determined to avenge her mother, she makes a horrific charge against Levi that could have a significant impact on his life. Worse, Amy isn’t sure who to believe, implying that Zara’s self-serving scheme has worked. Levi considers stepping away for good, disgusted by the circumstances and Amy’s lack of support.

Zara’s sick revenge

Zara is on a roll when it comes to taking people’s lives. Levi is one down, Amy is getting there, and now all that’s left is Ned. That is, until an unexpected foe appears, forcing Zara to deal with them right away. Toadie isn’t a fan of this misbehaving adolescent and is becoming increasingly upset by her actions, particularly when it comes to her interfering with Mackenzie.

He loses it at her as he reaches boiling point, unaware that his actions may awaken the beast. Zara’s nasty side rears its ugly head once more when she carries out an evil plot and feeds a shot of jelly vodka to tiny Nell. She’s had a child spiked. That’s it; Zara has lost control, and Toadie is having none of it. Toadie confronts Amy, but Zara arrives first and makes it appear as if he is solely responsible. Is there anyone who can stop this girl?!

Terese caught in dangerous act

Terese is struggling and fed up of having her every move watched by well-meaning family and friends. To give herself a break she spins some yarns and manages to win herself some alone time. But little do they know she has a dangerous secret, and it’s one that Glen is about to discover.

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