The biggest moments coming up; 16 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

    In next week’s episode of EastEnders, Janine considers leaving Walford, Stacey faces a fresh issue and Mitch backs Rainie despite breaking a promise.

    Here are the 16 biggest moments coming up:

    Stacey and Harvey reel over Jean

    Harvey expresses regret for what transpired in Southend with Jean.

    Harvey drives a worried Stacey to the hospital after she says her car won’t start.

    Harvey goes inside with Stacey after noticing her anxiety, but how will the encounter go?

    Stacey faces a new dilemma

    Stacey seeks Martin’s assistance as she prepares to inform Lily about what has happened to Jean.

    Martin confides in Zack about his concerns about Lily discovering the whole truth but is encouraged by his friend’s soothing remarks.

    Stacey has a confidence problem as they prepare to speak with Lily, and she tells Martin she’s changed her mind.

    Despite Stacey’s insistence that they should protect her, Martin disagrees, oblivious to the fact that Lily is actually listening to their dispute.

    Mick struggles to cope

    Janine tells Billy about her problems with Mick and explains that they haven’t yet slept together. When Janine tries to address Mick about their intimacy issues, he avoids the topic, making things even more awkward.

    Mick tells Mitch that he can’t get intimate with Janine after Mitch overhears. He goes for a run to escape Janine, where he runs into Mitch, who is awkward and doesn’t know what to say to him.

    Janine makes a discovery

    Billy’s birthday has arrived, and Janine has given him a gift, but the mood quickly goes bad as Billy reveals Mick’s history with Whitney.

    Janine, enraged, warns Whitney to stay away from Mick. Later in the week, Janine takes advantage of the opportunity to ask Whitney personal questions about Mick.

    Bernie hides a secret from Dotty

    When Bernie takes Dotty to the chess club, she is underwhelmed, but she soon impresses everyone with her abilities.

    Dotty accompanies Bernie to The Vic to celebrate after winning some money, but she becomes curious when she sees Bernie and fellow chess player Gareth exchanging words.

    Dotty is enraged when Bernie refuses to tell her what the incident is about, but how will she respond when Bernie finally tells her?

    Mitch supports Mick

    Karen and Harvey have a heart-to-heart about Jean, but Karen is enraged when Mitch interrupts.

    Karen is irritated, so she offers Mitch a reality check about listening, which causes him to reconsider his previous behavior towards Mick.

    Mitch apologizes to Mick for his initial awkwardness and asks him to open up, feeling awful.

    When Mick reveals that his thinking is preventing him from having an intimate relationship with Janine, Mitch tries to console him.

    Janine makes an exit plan

    After failing to charm Mick, Janine informs Billy that she intends to leave Walford if the judge grants her custody of Scarlett during the hearing this week.

    Janine later tells Sonia and Scarlett about her plans, stating that if she is granted custody, they will relocate to Australia.

    Kat faces a dilemma over Tommy

    Kat learns that a local football club wants to meet with Tommy and shares her concerns about the knife incident with Martin.

    Despite Kat’s concerns that the club’s decision will be reversed once they understand what transpired, Martin encourages her to attend the meeting with the football club.

    Despite the fact that Tommy is still on suspension and may not be permitted to return to school, Kat follows Martin’s suggestion and informs her son about the opportunity.

    Kat’s attention is drawn back to Tommy’s police case after meeting with football coach Collin when she receives a letter concerning it.

    Lily demands answers

    Shirley notices Lily attempting to steal a drink at The Vic and offers her the opportunity to chat about Jean on the condition that she keep it a secret.

    Lily seizes the opportunity to enquire about Jean’s fate, but how would Stacey react to this?

    Rainie discovers Stuart’s secret

    Stuart offers to drive Roland to his weigh-in, despite the fact that he is still hiding his pills from Rainie. Stuart, on the other hand, wonders if he can do it after all when he finally holds Roland.

    Mitch notices Rainie’s difficulties and offers to babysit Roland so she can attend a hospital visit with Stuart.

    Stuart returns with Roland later, claiming he forgot he had a separate physio appointment, as Rainie enjoys some peace and quiet. Rainie recognizes Stuart’s falsehoods and is taken aback when she discovers his medications.

    Martin ruins Tommy’s chances

    Sam overhears Martin informing Nancy and Zack about the knife incident in The Vic while Tommy looks forwards to his new chance.

    Sam noisily joins in the chat when he notices the coach is nearby, ensuring Collin can hear everything.

    As a result, Kat is upset when Collin informs her that they will not be able to keep Tommy on the squad and lashes out at Sam. Kat is furious at Martin, Zack, and Nancy for sabotaging Tommy’s chances after learning the truth.

    To make matters worse, Martin puts his foot in it once more when he apologizes to Tommy, oblivious to the fact that Kat had not yet informed him.

    Mick is honest with Janine

    Frankie catches up on the tension between Janine and Mick when she tells him she doesn’t want his support during the hearing tomorrow. Frankie, eager to assist, invites Mick to go on a date.

    As Janine gets ready, she notices that her clothes have shrunk in the wash, prompting her to come up with a novel solution.

    Janine’s scheme, it’s safe to say, backfires spectacularly, but happily, she and Mick are able to laugh it off. Mick, however, recognizes the need of being truthful and tells Janine the truth.

    Mitch hides a secret

    Bernie is irritated to learn that Mitch intends to look after Roland. Bernie makes a stand after speaking with Dotty and asks him not to.

    Mitch understands, but when Rainie begs him to help her, he is forced to break his promise. Mitch, cornered, reluctantly agrees – on the condition that it be kept a secret…

    Scarlett’s future is decided

    Mick joins Janine on their way to Scarlett’s appearance in court.

    As a result of Tommy’s disappearance following the football club incident, Eve volunteers to represent Kat in court.

    Eve gives a poignant speech on Kat’s behalf at the hearing, but what will be decided?

    Tommy’s fate is revealed

    When Tommy finally shows up, Kat has some additional information concerning his police case for him.

    What will Tommy’s future hold once he learns his destiny in the stabbing incident?

    Frankie gets a blast from the past

    Frankie runs to meet an old university acquaintance named Clara, who brags about how successful she’s been since graduating.

    Frankie lies about her own success because she is insecure. When Linda hears what Frankie is saying, she gives him some advice, but what is it?


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