Vanishing Act producers tease fresh theories about the mysterious disappearance of fraudster Melissa Caddick

    The producers of Channel Nine’s Underbelly: Vanishing Act said viewers may expect to discover a new idea about Sydney con artist Melissa Caddick’s strange disappearance.

    The two-part series, starring Kate Atkinson (Wentworth), premieres on Nine and 9Now on Sunday night and continues on Monday.

    However, Nine’s head of drama Andy Ryan reminded fans of the program that it would be impossible to answer all of the issues surrounding the high-profile fraudster, who vanished in November 2021.

    ‘We actually don’t know what happened to her,’ he said on TV Tonight.

    In the talk, Ryan did not offer any story details, but he did say that fans may anticipate more than a “re-hash of the facts.”

    ‘This was a novel that posed a lot of questions about trust, duplicity, and how someone might build a second life for oneself,’ says the author.

    Since then, a number of ideas have surfaced to explain Caddick’s disappearance, including murder and suicide.

    Some specialists who have looked into the issue believe Caddick may have staged her own abduction and is now hiding.

    Ryan does not say which, if any, of these hypotheses will be dramatized in Vanishing Act.

    Caddick, a financial advisor, defrauded 60 clients, the majority of whom were friends and family, out of an estimated $30 million to maintain an expensive lifestyle.

    Caddick was last seen shortly after the Australian Federal Police and ASIC raided the $7 million Dover Heights mansion she shared with her DJ husband Anthony Koletti.

    Caddick’s severed foot was discovered three months after he vanished at Tathra, around five and a half hours from Sydney. After DNA tests revealed that the limb belonged to Caddick, 49, it was assumed that the high-flying schemer was no longer alive.

    Underbelly: Vanishing Act was produced by Screentime and filmed late last year. It stars Colin Friels (Mystery Road), Tai Hara from Home and Away, Maya Stange and Sophie Bloom from Love Child, and Ursula Mills from Out of the Blue.

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