Whoever is in charge of the soon-to-be-defunct TikTok app went rogue and destroyed Home And Away.

    The Bachelor vs. MAFS Marvel vs. DC is a battle of superheroes. The original Charmed vs. the rebooted Charmed Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry Since the dawn of time, rivalries have existed in popular culture. The fight of the Australian soaps, Home and Away vs. Neighbours, is possibly the most famous.

    Both long-running series premiered within three years of each other in the 1980s, and they’ve been feuding ever since.

    However, viewership on both has fallen over time (which I attribute to the deluge of series accessible on streaming sites), and tragically, Neighbours has declared that it will cease production.

    Since Ramsay Street is slated to end shortly, whoever controls their TikTok account has gone completely insane. Paul Robinson-levels of ferocity.

    @neighbourstv 🤭 jk it’s all love for summer bay 😚 #Neighbours #homeandaway ♬ I HATE U MISS PALTROW – liketodrinktea1

    The TikTok has a photo of the cast of Neighbours with the narration “I wouldn’t wish that onto my worst enemy,” referring to the show’s demise.

    “Unless, of course, we’re talking about my arch-enemy Gwyneth Paltrow,” the voice says.

    A photo of the cast of Home and Away shows at that point, implying that they wish the Sydney-based series had been canceled instead.

    Of course, in the caption, they tried to downplay it, writing, “Jk it’s all love for Summer Bay.”

    But, mates, come on. You were well aware of what you were doing.

    And guess what? You should be proud of yourself. It’s better to go out with a bang.

    Herbison said, “I would never, ever blow it up.”

    “The conclusion will be a celebration of the past and present, with the possibility of a future left open.”

    “Ramsay Street is immortal, and I like to imagine that long after the final scene, it will live on in the hearts and imaginations of the spectators.”

    He didn’t reveal too much about how the show will end because the writers are still working on the final episodes.

    Ten is presently airing the last season of Neighbours.


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