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Here are 10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.


Next week on Neighbours, financial woes beckon for the Kennedy family, while Terese is also set to come undone at the hands of Paul and Montana.

Here are 10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

Is there something between Terese and Glen?

Glen chooses to appear to be in love with Terese in order to put everyone off the scent of his huge Kiri secret – and she soon finds out about the startling statement.

Glen assures her that he merely said it to cover his tracks and that he does not want their relationship to get difficult.

While Terese understands and agrees, it looks like there is more going on between these two than they are aware of.

Fashion Week is set for disaster

Fashion Week is still the talk of the town, but only Paul and Montana are aware that the event is dooming Terese and the Lassiters.

Terese continues to push forwards, oblivious to the hole she has gotten herself into, even working with Montana to make the event more lavish at a higher cost.

Montana’s remorse begins to creep in, but Paul is ecstatic at the prospect of Fashion Week becoming a complete disaster.

Corey’s true colours are revealed

Due to her affections for Ned, Harlow ends her burgeoning relationship with Corey, and while Corey handles it well, it soon becomes clear that he has other plans.

After making a secret phone call, he discovers that he has been a member of The Order all along, and the cult has huge plans for Harlow.

Levi can’t forgive Freya

Levi is having a hard time believing Freya, and given that she has been telling one big lie after another since she arrived in Erinsborough, he has every right to be wary.

Freya tries to talk to Levi next week in an attempt to move past it all and get their possible romance back on track, but Levi isn’t interested in listening and makes it clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Is Levi and Freya’s relationship over before it’s even begun?

 Kiri’s mum arrives in Erinsborough

Glen is already having trouble concealing the fact that he is Kiri’s father, so the last thing he needs is her mother turning up in town.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what occurs, and when he sees Barbara at the vineyard, he is astonished and forced to hide until she leaves.

Barbara soon comes up on Ramsay Street to meet Kiri’s housemates, so Glen isn’t out of the woods yet. Is Glen about to be revealed, or will he find a way out of this new bind?

David is resigned to his fate

David’s friends and family are rallying around him to help him get through this now that the truth about him not aiding Gareth as he lay dying has come to light.

Despite having a strong legal team on his side, David is losing his resolve to fight the charges.

Aaron tries to arrange for a visit from Clive to show that he still cares in the hopes of motivating him, but when that does not go as planned, David becomes even more depressed. Will David regain his zeal?

 Paul and Nicolette team up

In an Erinsborough pairing as odd as you can get, Paul and Nicolette partner up next week to figure out what’s going on with Glen.

Nic is disturbed by Glen’s attention in Kiri, and he uses his friendship with Terese to arouse Paul’s jealous curiosity. It works, and Paul rapidly gets concerned about his brother’s and ex-growing wife’s intimacy.

Will their inquisitiveness reveal Glen’s secret, and how long can these two rivals tolerate cooperating?

Ned and Harlow grow closer

Harlow telling Corey that they could only be friends was probably the appropriate thing to do, even if he didn’t have a secret goal, because she’d been thinking about Ned for a while.

Despite the fact that their connection is uncomfortable due to his friendship with Amy, they get closer next week when they are thrown together for Fashion Week.

When they’re left alone, that tension appears like it’ll turn into something more…

Mackenzie and Hendrix clash

Mackenzie has gone from being worried about being a model to being obsessed with it – and it’s starting to irritate Hendrix.

While Montana remains difficult to please, some much-needed words of encouragement re-inspire Mac, and her other obligations begin to fade away.

Hendrix expresses his displeasure, concerned that she could regret investing so much in what could be a transitory fancy, and the two soon find themselves at odds.

Will they be able to work out their disagreements, or is Mackenzie jeopardizing her relationship yet again?

Trouble looms for Karl and Susan

Susan has had many run-ins with Karl Kennedy over the years, but it’s been a long time since she’s been this enraged with him.

She is eager to get the money back after learning that he put $200,000 of their money into Montana’s start-up firm, and she has grown increasingly upset as a promised meeting has failed to materialize.

Susan and Karl have no idea how much difficulty they’ll be in if they can’t get the check annulled as Susan’s fear builds…



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