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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

Hendrix and Jay find their issues catch up with them in a major way as they come up with neighbors, and one resident of Ramsay Street looks likely to pay the price for it.

Sheila and Des hatch a plan

With no intention to let a trip to the hospital deter her from her plan to win back the heart of Clive, with a little support from Des, Sheila puts her thinking cap on once more.

Des now suspects that Clive does not have Jane’s best interests at heart, so he tells Sheila to set a fake date so that Clive may pique some envy.

But it doesn’t take long for Clive and Jane to rumble and make it plain to them how angry they are. Did Des lose two of his oldest buddies?

The issues with Hendrix and Jay hit home.

Hendrix is deeply in contact with Kane and receives death threats because of the huge sum of money and the house he owes him now. Strange enough, taking a pistol from a fellow card player doesn’t help matters, and he gives the gun to Jay in a panic. In the Kennedy pizza oven, Jay covers it.

The two go straight there, anxious to get it out, hoping they can save anyone from getting hurt if it’s turned on. But sure enough, soon there will be an explosion, and it is Shane who ends up taking the bullet.

Shane and Dipi are faced with the facts about Jay

Hendrix is forced to come clean about something with Shane in the hospital and news circulating about what happened, which means Jay has some explaining to do with his friends. Fortunately, Shane’s going to be all right, but he and Dipi are shocked and frustrated that their son could be caught up in something like this.

They soon discover that he has been up to much more than that and they are left wondering whether or not they should allow him to return to Sydney.

Amy’s effort to help backfires for Jay

In the Rebecchi household, there is a lot of drama going on and that means that Shane and Dipi have to spend a lot of time with each other, which makes Amy feel a little awkward.

Amy soon gets the sense that she will not be able to be as committed as she wants. She agrees to have a heart-to-heart when she spots Jay alone to see if she can offer some advice from sage Amy Greenwood. But she is furious when Dipi finds out, and the two seem likely to clash.

Missing Harlow goes

The news about Hendrix is out, and he’s got to face the music with those nearest to him right now. One person who doesn’t take the news well is Harlow, who starts trying to put some space between the two of them.

She storms off and decides a lonely walk is in order when they bump into each other at Lassiter’s and Hendrix attempts to talk to her. Someone is trailing her, sadly, and Harlow is soon packed into a van and driven north.

Nicolette is letting us down again

There is another guy on Ramsay Street who knew what Nicolette had to do with Hendrix and Jay. Now the news is out, so is the information that she kept her secret and finds herself with a serious clarification to do once again.

They are shaken for Aaron and David, given that they have only just been rocked by some shady things she has done in her past. This most recent shock could see them reconsider their strategy for co-parenting.

For Kane, the search is on.

The hunt begins for Kane, who is the most probable suspect, with Harlow missing and it becoming apparent she has been kidnapped. Yashvi leads the charge and she does not hesitate to track him down and apprehend him when she sees him.

The blame game has begun back on Ramsay Street and all is coming in the direction of Hendrix, especially from Paul. Hendrix knows, too, that everything is his fault, and he’s left to worry about what he’s done alone, and that Harlow is the one who’s going to pay for it.

The mushrooms are coming back to haunt Roxy and Kyle.

After the food competition, all seemed fine for Kyle and Roxy before they heard that the judge had suffered extreme food poisoning from the wild mushrooms that Roxy wanted to throw in.

They are considering owning up with the fact that they are to blame weighing on them, but instead chose to stay silent having already disposed of all the pies. But is this going to be a decision that will return to haunt them?

For the missing Harlow, fear rises.

Kane’s being in detention may be good news for Harlow, but Yashvi has reason to suspect he’s telling the truth when he protests his innocence in her abduction.

Hendrix is reassured that he may not be to blame, but still frenzied with concern as to where Harlow is, as news filters back that Kane was not the culprit. But now the question is: who is behind her new ordeal if Kane was not the one to take her?

Sheila is attempting to make amends

For over 30 years, Des, Jane, and Clive have been friends and now, with a little support from Sheila, all looks set to crash down. Now Sheila feels bad for all the problems she has caused, and it causes her to understand that the newly-loved-up couple can no longer stand in the way.

She brings them all together before Des returns to Perth so that they can all make peace. And she agrees that she wants to give her blessing to Clive and Jane once that is done, but will she go through with it?

Kyle worries over the legacy of Gary

Kyle has got to make a decision. He’s still in with a shot of winning the competition, but his mind still plays on the knowledge of the bad mushrooms. Ultimately, he determines he must leave, only to be prevented by a touching gesture from Dipi.

Reminded about how in Gary’s recollection he joined this, he is once again conflicted about what he should do. He’s going to pick integrity over Gary?


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