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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

What next in Summer Bay?

As Jordan, a member of Vita Nova, approaches on Home and Away, Justin finds himself in serious danger once more.

In other scenes, Irene faces judgment, and Tane and Felicity’s marriage is in disarray as he finds out she has been lying to him about her desire for a child.

This is the complete set of 12 incredible moments.

Cash clashes with Rose

After going through a horrific ordeal at the hands of Vita Nova, Justin and Leah are gradually getting well.

Cash, who is still suspended, stops by the hospital to visit the couple and observes that Justin’s door is unguarded by a police officer.

He reports this to Rose, troubled, but she dismisses his worries and tells Cash to let her do her job.

 Danger is lurking for Justin

As the police investigation continues, Rose tries to interview Justin to find out what he remembers. He’s groggy and unable to recall specific details, so she decides to try again later.

Lurking nearby, shady orderly Jordan – a secret member of Vita Nova – makes a furtive phone call, asking if he should act now.

Mercifully, a new officer arrives to protect Justin, forcing Jordan to bide his time.

Jordan attacks Justin

Rose seeks to speak with Justin throughout the police inquiry to learn more about his memories. She makes the decision to try again later as he is disoriented and unable to remember specifics.

Shadowy orderly Jordan, a covert Vita Nova agent, is lurking around and secretly calls, inquiring as to whether he ought to take action right away.

Jordan must wait for a new officer to kindly arrive and safeguard Justin.

Remi feels rejected by Bree

When Bree chooses not to move back in with him, Remi worries that he is losing her.

She explains her motivations, saying she moved to support Lyrik and wants any decision to cohabitate in the future to be about them.

Feeling confident, Remi shows up for band practice and learns that Lyrik may now perform their own songs because the agreement with Forrest has been finalized.

Marilyn tries to trick Alf

The announcement that Alf is returning to Merimbula throws the arrangements for his surprise long service presentation into disarray.

Marilyn makes an attempt to persuade him to stay by saying that she wants Alf to assist in mediating the conflict between her and Roo.

Sadly, it isn’t enough to convince Alf to stay, so Roo comes up with a backup plan and takes her dad’s car keys.

Alf wises up to what’s going on

Realising his keys have gone AWOL, Alf heads to the surf club, where he’s met by John – who’s in on the ruse.

It doesn’t take Alf long to work out what’s going on, and after retrieving his keys from Roo, he heads towards his car.

Mali makes a last-ditch attempt to stall Alf – will he be forced to reveal the truth and ruin his big surprise?

Alf’s loved ones celebrate his career

At last, the occasion for Alf’s Distinguished Service Award Ceremony has arrived, and the surf club is filled with eager attendees.

Alf, who is usually not at a loss for words, is stunned when he walks into the room and receives thunderous applause.

After a ceremony filled of good memories, Alf receives a certificate and a customized blazer bearing the club logo, and John gives a heartfelt speech.

Lyrik hit a bump in the road

The lack of attention Lyrik’s social media videos are receiving saps Remi’s will to bring them back together.

Kirby disagrees with his suggestion to use Forrest’s industry relationships to assist expand their reach.

When it comes to a band vote, Kirby wins four times.

After the situation calms down, Lyrik vows to work even harder to earn back their supporters.

Irene kicks Harper and Dana out

Irene gets a call from her attorney informing her that her court appearance has been rescheduled until the following day, and reality sets in.

Irene, terrified, tells Harper and Dana that she has a good possibility of going to jail.

Dana is vehemently opposed to Harper appearing in court to assist Irene.

Irene recognises it would do more harm than good, and in a bold move, she tells the sisters they need to find someplace else to live.

Mac issues Felicity with an ultimatum

As tension mounts between Mackenzie and Felicity, suspicious Tane realises they’re hiding something from him.

Neither one is prepared to admit what’s going on, but in private Mackenzie demands Felicity tells Tane she’s still using birth control and doesn’t want a baby.

Later, Tane confronts Mac wanting to know why Flick is being so cagey and she tells him to go and speak to his wife.

Tane walks out on Felicity

When Tane gets home, he asks Felicity to unzip her purse and is shocked to see that she has a packet of contraception pills inside.

Furious with Cash for trying to stop him from leaving, Tane packs his luggage, devastated by her betrayal.

Felicity, humiliated by her actions, asks Cash for assistance but is taken aback to learn that her brother is not supporting her.

In the meantime, a broken-hearted Tane swears he will never go back home and throws everyone out of the gym.

Harper and Dana stand by Irene

Anxious Irene continues to push Harper and Dana away, insisting it’s for the best that she cuts ties with them.

The next day, Irene makes her way to court alone, but is stopped by the siblings – who declare they’re coming to support her no matter what.

Overcome with relief, Irene relents and is grateful to have them in her corner. But will she be ending the day behind bars?


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