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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Next week on Home and Away, tensions within the Stewart family threaten to spiral out of control.

Elsewhere, Tane hopes to help Nikau by taking him away from the Bay, while Karen returns with some surprising news.

Here’s a full collection of 12 big moments coming up.

Theo’s arrest causes tensions

Even though it happened weeks earlier, Theo is arrested for theft after Alf reports him for taking the Polaris on the beach. Alf is sure that Theo ought to be punished, while Justin is upset that Theo is behaving out of spite.

When Theo realizes he’ll have a criminal record and may have to serve time in prison, he becomes distraught. Ryder offers his support, but Theo advises that they keep their distance in order to avoid aggravating Alf.

The Stewart family rift continues

Ryder chastises Alf for being so harsh with Theo, but this isn’t the only dispute in the Stewart household.

While Roo and Martha continue to feud over the transplant, Ryder observes that they are squandering valuable time together by squabbling.

Roo continues to be perplexed as to why her mother refuses to accept her assistance, but Martha refuses to explain herself.

Martha takes some time out

Martha departs for Merimbula, stating that she will not return until Alf has resolved his concerns with Theo and Justin.

Roo is torn about Martha’s departure, but she is too stubborn to express her mother how much she cares. They split ways with their differences unresolved.

Alf makes things worse with Justin

Alf tries to work out his differences with Justin in the hopes of persuading Martha to return home. He apologizes to Justin, and it appears like peace has returned.

Unfortunately, when Alf adds that his apology is for Justin, not Theo, he undermines this. Justin is irritated to discover that Alf’s harsh attitude hasn’t altered.

Later, Alf calls Martha and misleads her about the status of his peacemaking efforts.

Mia reads Chloe’s diary

In the aftermath of Matthew’s death and Ari’s detention, Mia is concerned about Chloe’s distant demeanor. She reverts to reading Chloe’s diary in order to gain insight into her thoughts.

Mia is disturbed by what she finds in the diary and confronts Chloe about her mental health. Mia is accused of invading Chloe’s privacy by Chloe.

Mia later informs Chloe that they’ll have to destroy her diary since it contains the truth about Matthew’s death and might be used as evidence by the police in the future.

Mac starts to worry about Neve

When Bella photographs her photo on the beach, Neve’s post-traumatic stress is triggered. Neve retaliates aggressively by attempting to seize the camera and inadvertently hurting Logan.

When Mac learns what happened, she begins to worry that Neve is a threat to herself and wonders if she should stay in the apartment.

Mac’s ultimatum backfires

Mac informs Logan that she can no longer bear Neve’s presence and that he must choose between them. When she goes home later, she discovers Logan has moved in with Neve, which upsets her.

Logan and Neve check into a motel. Logan agrees to sleep on the couch because a room with one bed was the only one available.

Tane and Nikau take a spiritual trip

Tane notices Nikau’s distress about the cover-up of Matthew’s murder and the possibility of a life sentence for Ari. He takes Nikau on a camping excursion along the river.

Tane gives Nikau the taiaha, a traditional Mori weapon, and explains how it might provide spiritual guidance in tough times when they arrive.

Nikau is instructed that it is time for him to learn how to use the taiaha, as part of a Mori rite of passage that has been passed down through the generations.

Tane tries to boost Nikau’s confidence

Tane demonstrates his patience as he assists Nikau in mastering the taiaha. When Nikau encounters some early difficulties, he loses his cool and declares that he is not a warrior like his uncle.

Tane gives Nikau an expert example and gives him the motivation he needs to keep going.

Dean’s mum Karen explains her disappearance

Karen reappears in Summer Bay some days after Dean learned of her disappearance. Dean, she claims, is “stalking” her in his desperate attempts to locate her.

Karen subsequently admits that a man named Brett wants to marry her after originally remaining tight-lipped about why she pulled a disappearing act.

Karen has been seeing Brett for a year and enjoys his company, but the prospect of marriage has sent her into a tailspin.

Dean tells Karen the truth

Dean seeks to clear the farmhouse of all evidence of Jai since he doesn’t want Karen to know he has a son. When Karen picks up a photo of Jai that Dean had overlooked, it backfires.

Dean grudgingly confirms that he has a child, but that he is only permitted to see Jai if Karen is not present in his life. Karen is heartbroken, seeing how her previous parenting blunders have led to this.

Jasmine confides in Cash

When Jasmine refuses to acknowledge her birthday, Cash is determined to commemorate it in some way.

Jasmine storms off when Cash surprises her with a romantic candlelit supper on the pier, claiming she didn’t ask for any of it.

Later, Jasmine tells Cash why she ignored her birthday, emphasizing how terrible life was for her while she was in foster care and her father didn’t call her on her special day.


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