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Coming up on Home and Away, besotted Tane announces his plans to foster baby Maia.

Elsewhere, Bree forces Remi to make a difficult decision, and Cash starts a new job as bodyguard to a famous film star.

Here’s a full collection of 14 huge moments.

Theo’s drug addiction spirals

Valerie is freaked out after spying Kirby talking to Rose and fears she has told the cop about her supplying drugs to Theo.

Next morning, as Theo is feeling the comedown from his latest binge, Justin tells him that he has secured an interview with the local radio station.

With panic setting in, Theo begs Valerie for another hit, declaring that he can only get through the chat if he’s high.

Theo explodes at Valerie

When Valerie refuses to give him any pills, Theo harshly reminds her of all the times she has used drugs to escape the memory of her brother’s death.

Theo immediately regrets his outburst, but it’s too late as a hurt Valerie storms off.

Meanwhile, Kirby watches on, clearly concerned by the situation.

Valerie makes a foolish move

In spite of their previous clashes, Valerie attempts to make peace with Kirby. She insists she has cut Theo off from the pills and promises not to lead him astray.

Valerie also forgives Theo for his earlier unpleasantness, but he’s still on a mission to score drugs.

Going against her pledge to Kirby, Valerie bows to pressure and hands over her dealer’s phone number to Theo.

Tane gives the baby a name

Tane remains at the hospital with the baby girl he discovered on the beach and is refusing to leave her side.

Both Mali and Mackenzie fear he’s become too invested, but Tane is adamant he won’t abandon the tot in the same way her birth mum did.

Tane decides to give the child a name, and calls her Maia – the Māori word for ‘courage’.

Tane wants to become Maia’s carer

When Rose and Harper suggest it’s time they looked into placing Maia in foster care, Tane immediately offers his services. But Harper is quick to burst his bubble by pointing out that only Australian citizens and permanent residents can foster, which rules him out.

Tane refuses to give up though, and tells Mali he’ll apply for residency to become a Maia’s emergency foster carer.

Meanwhile, Rose makes a public address appealing for Maia’s mum to come forward.

Felicity makes a drastic decision

Felicity is shocked to discover Tane was the person who found baby Maia and rushes to see him.

Arriving at the hospital, she finds her ex cradling Maia and singing her a gentle lullaby in Māori.

After learning of Tane’s intention to become Maia’s emergency carer, Flick starts researching how she can also become a carer. But what is driving her decision?

Cash talks sense into Felicity

Alarm bells are ringing for Cash when Felicity shares her intentions to become a foster parent.

He questions why she has this sudden desire to take care of Maia given her marriage to Tane failed because she didn’t want kids.

Realising she’s just trying to find a way to fix things with Tane, Felicity is forced to admit fostering Maia wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

Bree issues Remi an ultimatum

Remi is overjoyed to receive his motorbike back, which has been fixed and restored like new.

Bree doesn’t share his enthusiasm though, particularly when she sees Remi climbing back on the vehicle that almost cost him his life.

Unable to cope with the thought of him having another accident, Bree issues Remi with a heartbreaking ultimatum – it’s her or the bike.

Remi makes his choice

Remi is fuming with Bree for threatening to end their relationship and feels as if she’s robbing him of his freedom.

He complains to Eden about his predicament, but she questions whether he has actually taken Bree’s feelings into consideration.

Finding his girlfriend, Remi tells Bree he’ll give up his bike because he loves her more. But can he really keep to his promise?

Cash gets a new job offer

Cash is buzzing to learn he’s landed a personal security job and is instructed to meet with his mystery client for an in-person interview.

Arriving at a fancy boat docked at the pier, Cash discovers he’ll be working for Stevie Marlow – actress and star of a multi-award winning horror film called Death Throes.

Cash’s interview is a disaster

Stevie fills Cash in on the job, revealing she’s being stalked and threatened and needs someone she can trust to keep her safe.

Cash instructs her to cancel all public appearances and quit social media, but Stevie point blank refuses.

Believing he’s wasting his time, Cash thanks Stevie for the opportunity and walks away.

Cash starts working for Stevie

Later that day, Cash is stunned when a fancy limo pulls up outside his home and out steps Stevie.

Apologising for her earlier behaviour, Stevie asks Cash if he’ll take the job and he agrees on the condition that she follows his rules.

Getting to work, Cash checks Stevie into a hotel so he can monitor the premises, but quickly realises he’s got a tough task on his hands when she continues to reject his professional advice.

John makes a surprise announcement

John surprises his friends by announcing he’s decided to act as Justin and Leah’s marriage celebrant.

Irene and Marilyn question if he has the necessary qualifications, or more importantly, the couple’s blessing.

But John is having none of it and insists nothing and no-one is going to stop him.

Dana falls into a dangerous trap

Alf is wary when Peter, an investigative journalist for the Coastal News, arrives at the Surf Club wanting the scoop on baby Maia’s case.

Alf shows him the door, but after a quick outfit change, Peter approaches Dana.

Turning on the charm, Peter tricks the nurse into divulging personal details about Maia then heads on his way. Will Dana regret falling into Peter’s trap?


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