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Coming up on Home and Away, Cash starts his new career as a private investigator.

Elsewhere, Valerie reveals a tragic secret from her past, Leah and Justin take a step forward and Mac plays with fire.

Here’s a full collection of 15 huge moments.

John gets his way

Roo and John are at odds over what to do with the Surf Club’s anonymous donation. She wants to hold off until they know what the person wants, while he insists they should spend it to save the ailing business.

On Irene’s suggestion, they let the committee decide what’s best, but Roo is horrified when every single vote goes in John’s favour.

Despite her best efforts to curb John’s spending, Roo is forced to admit defeat when Rose refuses to investigate the case of the mystery money.

Mac calls things off with Levi

Still reeling from the discovery that Levi is married, Mackenzie vents to Mali over the doctor’s refusal to leave his wife.

Levi turns up on her doorstep begging for another chance, but Mac is adamant she won’t be the ‘other woman’ and sends him packing.

The next morning, Mac confronts Levi at his hotel and tells him she’s done – this is goodbye.

  1. Rose and Mali are on the rocks

Cracks are starting to appear in Rose and Mali’s relationship as she throws herself into her new role as Senior Constable.

Mali is miffed when Rose bails on their lunch and dinner plans and deliberately declines her offer of coffee the next day.

Coming to his senses, Mali leaves his girlfriend a message apologising for his behaviour, but it’s clear her promotion is putting pressure on them.

  1. Mali supports Mac

Rose is also puzzled as to why Mali is showing such concern for Mac.

She probes him on the matter, but he refuses to betray his friend’s confidence by exposing her affair with Levi.

Later at home, Mac urges Mali not to worry about her and spend more time with Rose, but he declines – saying he can only deal with one crisis at a time.

  1. Cash turns private investigator

Meanwhile, Rose catches up with Cash and admits she’s struggling to cope with her mounting workload.

He reassures Rose she’s a brilliant cop and needs to stop trying so hard.

Grateful for his support, Rose fills Cash in on the Surf Club mystery donor case. He decides he wants to help and tells Roo he’s on the case.

6. Justin won’t give up on Leah

Irene gives Justin a stern talking to when he continues hanging around the Diner hoping to run into Leah.

On his way home, Justin can’t resist swinging by Alf’s, where Leah is staying. When she doesn’t answer the door to him Justin decides to wait.

Eventually Leah lets Justin in, but is not happy he broke their agreement to give her space.

7. Justin oversteps the mark

Valerie takes pity on Justin and urges him not to give up on Leah.

He takes her advice on board by inviting Leah for dinner, which she reluctantly accepts. Theo and Valerie join them for the meal and try their best to defuse any awkwardness.

Afterwards, Justin walks Leah home and goes in for a kiss, but she pulls away. Will he regret pushing things too far?

8. Valerie drops a bombshell

Theo apologises to Valerie for making her uncomfortable by prying into her family background.

Later, Valerie opens up to Theo, revealing how she was involved in a terrible car crash that claimed her brother’s life.

Valerie explains her parents blamed her for the incident and haven’t spoken to her since her sibling’s death – hence why she ended up in a mental health facility.

9. Leah gives Justin another chance

Leah pays Justin a visit at the garage and asks where he sees their relationship going.

His answer is simple – he wants them to get back together and for Leah to return home, but only when she’s ready.

The estranged couple take a walk together and Leah feels comfortable enough to give Justin a kiss, leaving him feeling hopeful for the future.

10. Dana lends a hand

As Cash starts investigating the mysterious Surf Club donation, eager Dana fills him in about Simon Henderson and his retracted sponsorship.

Cash is thankful for her assistance, but Dana’s hopes of becoming his sidekick are dashed when the former cop tells her he’ll take it from there.

11. Felicity is over Tane

Felicity is delighted for Cash that he’s getting so stuck into his new job.

He questions his sister about an exchange he witnessed between her and Xander, which forces Felicity to admit she slept with Tane.

Cash fears she might be harbouring false hope of a reunion, but Felicity insists her and Tane are done and dusted.

12. Remi suffers a collapse

Remi returns home to continue his recovery but makes out to Bree that he’s still in hospital.

Remi explains he doesn’t want his girlfriend worrying about him, but Kirby isn’t comfortable about lying to her.

After pushing himself too hard an exhausted Remi ends up on the bathroom floor, which forces Eden to make a call to Levi for help.

13. Remi and Eden receive big news

Levi comes to the rescue and administers morphine to Remi.

The episode leaves Remi shaken and he apologises to Kirby for making her deceive Bree.

Later, Remi and Eden’s chill time is interrupted by a text revealing their kidnappers Mickey and Wes are being sentenced next week.

14. Levi and Mac resume their affair

Meanwhile, Levi is unable to resist temptation as he heads to Salt in the hope of seeing Mac.

As sparks fly between the forbidden lovers, they return to Levi’s hotel room and start tearing each other’s clothes off.

They’re interrupted by a call from Levi’s wife, but this time they ignore it and carry on.

15. Harper feels lonely

Harper is down in the dumps after discovering her former fiancé has a baby with his new partner.

Dana attempts to lift her sister’s spirits with a cocktail and the pair revisit the story of how Harper left her ex at the altar.

Harper concedes he deserves to move on with his life, but admits she feels down about not having someone special to share her life with.

Dana vows to step up and fix that – but who will be the lucky fella?


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