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6 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes

This week’s Australian-pace episodes, which some UK readers may prefer to avoid.

Home and Away has broadcast another big week of episodes in Australia, with the medical choices of Justin Morgan reported and the plot of the Colby Thorne affair gaining momentum.

Since the most recent episodes, here are seven big questions we’ve been left with.

Will Justin have more surgery?

For Justin, it was another traumatic week, when he confided to Dr. Green that his symptoms had intensified just a few weeks after the procedure to remove the tumor from his spine. Later, Dr. Green broke the bad news that Justin’s tumor is again growing.

Christian offered Justin two key courses of action: for a slightly more detailed treatment, he may go back in for surgery, or opt for radiotherapy to reduce the tumor, which would take longer.

Justin is torn now, as he is hesitant to go back in for another operation, but still worries about the radiotherapy treatment’s repercussions. What would he want to do, allowing time to make his decision?

Does Angelo suspect the affair?

For Angelo, warning bells were ringing when Taylor inadvertently slipped up with a remark that disclosed her connection to Colby. Taylor listed information that Angelo hadn’t told her when they addressed the Ross Nixon murder case.

By pointing out that she had read the details in a newspaper, Taylor quickly attempted to cover up, but Angelo couldn’t help wondering whether she had really received Colby’s information.

Angelo is definitely no fool-he rumbled the secret of Colby’s killer shortly after entering the Bay-so is it only a matter of time now before he learns that he was betrayed by his wife?

Can Colby and Taylor really stay away from each other?

Since (finally) realizing that he was entering into risky territories with his affair, Colby made a heartbreaking decision. Since hearing about Taylor’s slip-up, he was rightly concerned, and more worried when he found out that Bella was pursuing her efforts to break them up.

Colby worried that for all of them, his sneaking about with Taylor would eventually result in tears. He didn’t want her to get hurt now that he had formed true feelings for his secret lover. The crooked cop ended the relationship, but can they really move on too quickly considering the deep feelings between them?

Will Ziggy protect Tane’s secret?

As she was offered reason to regret giving Tane a job at the garage, Ziggy’s week ended with a worrying revelation. The two got along well, but when Ziggy found Tane using the garage to store stolen items, things soon turned sour.

Ziggy was appalled to learn that Tane had fallen back into his old criminal habits, in the process actually risking the garage’s credibility. But, with Justin worried for his welfare, is she going to tell the Morgans what happened?

Is Amber pushing Dean too far?

For Dean and Amber, it was another tough week, as they failed to find a consensus on what was better for Jai. Dean decided to introduce Jai to Karen, his girlfriend, but Amber declined to do so.

While Dean tried to pressure Amber to do this, she stood firm and made it clear that unless he appreciated her decision, he would not see Jai either. Dean was compelled to let Amber have her way again, leaving with no other choice.

Dean told Amber that she had to avoid trying to cut off his access to Jai, implying she could start driving him too hard. Are the problems between them just set to get worse as the co-parent struggles?

Have Nikau and Bella turned a corner?

One of Summer Bay’s biggest on-off celebrities, Nikau and Bella, reunited again this week after learning about their problems. They were helpfully forced into unity by Ryder and Jasmine by locking them together in the gym.

With the Ross murder case beginning to take a toll, Bella shared her concerns about having Nikau interested in her chaotic personal life. Nikau was confident that every step of the way he should be there for Bella, which led to them getting back together and sealing a kiss with the contract. But is that really the end of their problems?


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