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Tane returns home from the hospital, but is horrified to discover that Felicity has a warrant out for her arrest. He’s still not certain Felicity was the one who attempted to kill him.

Tane later receives another red rose, this time with an ominous note reading, “See you soon.”

Nikau pushes his loved ones away

Nikau continues to abuse Felicity with online posts, mistakenly believing she is Tane’s stalker and deserving of everything she receives. Tane has to explain the stalker’s latest insult to his loved ones when they discover the red rose in the rubbish at home. Nikau jumps to another accusation against Felicity.

Bella is torn between Nikau’s obsession with the task and her own feelings for him. Not only does she think Nikau’s defamatory tweets are unjust, but she also fears that history is repeating itself as she loses her partner to social media once more.

Bella, Ari, and Tane all plead with Nikau to halt his vengeance before things get out of hand.

Ryder and Theo team up

Ryder and Theo are taken aback when their internet prank film goes viral. Theo now sees a potential to make and monetize more videos.

While Ryder despises Theo, he recognizes the potential in this social media collaboration, and the boys start to work on their next challenge right once.

Theo and Chloe give into temptation

In their following video, Theo and Ryder partake in a chili-eating contest. Ryder is determined to defeat Theo, so he stuffs the chilies into his face before dashing into the bathroom to puke.

While Ryder is in the bathroom, Theo takes advantage of his big chance to kiss Chloe after weeks of flirting.

Marilyn lashes out at John

Marilyn is still recovering in the hospital after her unexpected breakdown. The sensation in her legs is slowly returning, despite the fact that she is now conscious.

When John pays her a visit, Marilyn is enraged, claiming that her health is none of his business. Everyone is perplexed by this, as Marilyn and John had been friends for quite some time. The Summer Bay favorites appear to be coping with a brand-new Marilyn.

Marilyn’s out of character behavior continues

Marilyn is in for further surprises when she leaves the hospital without notifying anyone. On her travels, she runs into Ziggy and Dean and tries to ask them out for breakfast, which is unusual because they don’t generally spend time together socially.

Marilyn later drinks a martini early in the day and, despite being a strict vegetarian, insists on a beef burger at the Diner. Marilyn’s friends become increasingly convinced that there is something wrong with her.

Dean tries to push ahead with his recovery

Dean and Ziggy haven’t slept together since Dean was involved in the crash, and they miss being intimate with each other. Dean tells Logan about it and asks him when he’ll be ready. Logan speculates that if Dean can climb a flight of stairs on his own, he’ll be able to have sex.

Later, Ziggy notices Dean struggle up the stairs to Salt, and it’s evident that he’s not up to the task. Both agree that they want to be together again after Dean reveals why he was so focused on this quest.


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