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A Place in the Sun newcomer forced herself to stop crying during property search


Leah Charles-King is one of the newest presenters on A Place in the Sun, a Channel 4 show. Leah is no stranger to the camera, having previously worked as a successful children’s television presenter before deciding to pursue a career in real estate. However, in an exclusive interview with, Leah discussed her first appearance on the property show.

The expert went on to say that there were a lot of emotional moments throughout the first few episodes of filming.

Leah recalled the first episode she shot as follows: “Carrie and Steve, for example, were in tears throughout the first episode.

“I’ve even cried or prevented myself from sobbing a few times, and I’ve even cried a couple of times.”

Despite some emotional moments, Leah revealed that one of her property viewings with Carrie and Steve did not go as planned since they had a horrible feeling about the property.

“The second home that we stepped into with Carrie and Steve in the first episode, Carrie stated she had a bad feeling about it,” she said.

“She despised the property because there was a cracked mirror and she got horrible sensations from it.

“And all I said was, ‘Should we leave?'” ‘Yeah, let’s go,’ she replied.

“I’m not going to flog a dead man if they don’t like it.”

“It’s like, ‘great, you don’t like it, let’s get you somewhere better,'” says one participant “Leah continued.

The real estate guru went on to discuss how she dealt with picky homebuyers, admitting that they can’t please everyone all of the time.

“I’ve had it approximately three times already,” she says “Leah went into great depth.

“I’ve had that happen a couple of times when we’ve walked into a place and they’ve said, ‘I detest it.'”

The former pop star claimed she enjoyed every moment of meeting her house hunters for the first time.

“There’s just a lot of banter and a lot of fun,” Leah explained.

“I’m genuinely curious about their family, their friends, their lifestyles, and what they want to learn about.”

“I work extremely hard with the crew to make sure that happens as much as possible, and that they’re well taken care of while they’re here.”

The addition of Leah isn’t the only new presenter to the lineup.

Craig Rowe, who had his Channel 4 debut earlier this month, was just introduced on the show.

Craig’s first episode included him assisting a couple in finding their ideal vacation house in Spain.

However, the expert had mixed feelings when he told the house hunters that they were “keeping him on his toes.”


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