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A sacrifice, a horrible discovery and an old flame: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

Mia (Anna Samson) tries to flee the cops with Matthew’s (James Sweeny) body in the boot of her vehicle this week on Home and Away, but Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) intercepts her and makes the terrible discovery. While Mia is detained, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) arrives and immediately examines the situation before making a decision that would eternally separate his family…

When Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Theo (Matt Evans) don’t come home, Roo (Georgie Parker) and Justin (James Stewart) are anxious, and when they see the latest prank video, they realize how much danger the two could be in. They rush to the scene and manage to extricate Ryder from his coffin, but while Ryder rests in a hospital bed, Theo is faced with Alf’s (Ray Meagher) rage.

Meanwhile, Logan (Harley Bonner) gets the final text he was expecting and goes to find out if it’s genuine. Neve (Sophie Bloom), an old flame with whom he lost contact years ago, is waiting for him near the Surf Club. Neve reveals why she’s gone underground for so long and claims she wants to make amends. However, while the two kiss on the Pier, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) wanders by and sees them kissing…

For the week beginning Monday, March 7, here’s what’s on Home and Away.

Mia is arrested for murder after Cash catches her

Mia is compelled to try to rectify the position that Chloe has inadvertently put them both in after she crushed a brick over Matthew’s head, knocking him out. She loads Matthew’s body into the back of his car and drives away, suspecting the worst, but it’s not long until Cash chases her down and calls for backup, eventually penning her in and forcing her to come to a halt. When Cash opens her boot, he discovers something terrible, which leads to her arrest…

Ari makes a decision which splinters his family

Mia is apprehended, and Ari appears shortly after, asking to talk with her. Cash refuses to let him do so, but Ari promises that if he is permitted to speak with her, he would reveal who murdered Matthew. He finds out what Mia has told the cops and then makes a sad decision – he is going to ensure Chloe and Mia don’t have to face prison by taking the fall himself. He informs Cash that he was too upset with Matthew, and Mia is released, while Ari is imprisoned…

Chloe prepares to make a full confession to the cops

When Mia arrives home and the Paratas learn that Ari could be facing a life term in jail for murder, Chloe is overcome by guilt. Nikau is particularly enraged by the news, believing that his uncle may be sentenced to prison once more. He is certain that if Chloe exposes the truth and claims self-defense, the cops will understand. Chloe returns to the station with food for thought and asks if she can speak with Cash. Chloe takes a seat across from him and prepares to tell the senior detective the truth. Will she risk her life and go to prison for murdering her own father?

Bella discovers the truth about Matthew’s death

Following Ari’s arrest, Nikau informs Bella that they won’t be able to see each other for a while. When she speaks with Dean, they realize that the family is closing down those on the outside, just as they did when Colby was about to go to prison. She understands that she must respect Nikau’s decision, but she later discovers Chloe sobbing on the beach and runs over to console her. She brings her back to the Pier Apartment and tries to figure out what’s bothering her, but then it dawns on her that Chloe was the one who murdered Matthew.

Roo refuses to accept Martha’s decision

After making a last-minute choice not to proceed with the kidney transplant, Martha has astonished everyone, and Roo is baffled as to why her mother is clearly choosing to die. Martha, on the other hand, believes it would be unethical to put her daughter’s life in jeopardy simply to save her own, and that even if the procedure goes smoothly, Roo may have health problems in the future. Roo, on the other hand, refuses to accept this and permanently cuts Martha out of her life…

Justin and Roo discover Ryder unconscious underground

When Ryder and Theo don’t show up at home after a night out, Justin and Roo are worried, and when they see the pair’s prank video channel, they are scared. Realizing they’ve gone too far with their challenges, they race to the location of the ‘buried alive’ prank, which Roo recognizes. They initially run across Theo, who insists on saving Ryder first. Roo and Justin discover Ryder asleep in the wooden box after a frenzied scramble to pull the coffin out…

Alf unleashes his wrath on Theo as Ryder is treated in hospital

Ryder is transported to the hospital, where the ER team surrounds him and attempts to resuscitate him. Alf emerges from Martha’s chamber, enraged at Theo, and refuses to accept his several apologies. He believes Theo duped Ryder into accepting the challenge, especially because Theo merely has an injured ankle and Ryder may not be able to complete it. Justin defends Theo, claiming that the films show Ryder participated of his own free will, but Alf is unstoppable, and he doesn’t hesitate to issue a severe warning to Theo…

Logan gets a blast for the past when Neve shows up

Logan and Mackenzie had reached a nice spot in their relationship when he receives a suspicious text that sends him out of Salt right away. He hears a voice from behind the trees as he walks away from the Surf Club and is surprised to see his old flame Neve after years of no-touch. She confesses that after absconding from the army, she had to hide for a while, but she’s now returned to make up for lost time. Unfortunately, Ziggy happens to pass by at the wrong time as the couple kisses on the Pier…


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