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Ada Nicodemou, 46, stuns her fans as she shares Home and Away throwback clip that proves she hasn’t aged a day: ‘You must be a vampire’

Ada Nicodemou thrilled her admirers by posting a vintage Home and Away video.

This Monday, the 46-year-old shared the video to Instagram, disclosing its age to be 24 years old, which would have made her 22 at the time.

“Rewinding to Leah’s initial scene on #HomeandAway in 2000!” she captioned the photo.

The fact that Ada hasn’t altered much since making her TV debut on the serial opera astounded the actress’s fans.

“It takes me right back to my adolescent years and the best of Home and Away. You must be a vampire because you’ve never aged.” gushed one adoring fan in the comments section beneath the video.

So good! You literally look the same’ said another while someone else agreed, ‘You haven’t even aged!’

‘You have not aged’ yet another agreed. 

Ada has previously revealed that she does not overly concern herself with getting older.  

‘I really don’t care about getting older. In fact, my life just keeps getting better and better as the years go on’ Ada told TV Week.

The 46-year-old posted the video to Instagram this week, revealing it was 24 years old – making her 22 at the time 

‘And you can’t stay young forever, so I’ve never worried about getting older in terms of my career.’

The brunette often shares her beauty routine online, and is a fan of skin needling.

She regularly gets treatments at Body I’m Beautiful, which does body shaping and compression therapy.

She recently told Mamamia that she’s ‘easier’ on herself as she gets older.

You just get more comfortable with yourself and you don’t beat yourself up about stuff,’ Ada said.

‘Also ‘less is more’, to a point — when you’re younger you put so much makeup on, and now you don’t have as much time.’

‘Looking after my skin and using the right products for my skin are also really important the older you get.’

Ada has been on Home and Away since 2000, playing Leah Patterson, a fan favourite.

Ada has previously revealed that she does not overly concern herself with getting older 


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