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An abandoned baby and Roxy faces jail time: 7 big Neighbours spoilers


This week in Neighbours, people are approaching their breaking point, with dramatic effects.

The first is Leo (Tim Kano), who decides he is unfit to be a parent to his child. He entrusts her to two individuals he believes can raise her better than he could, but is he making a grave error?

The mystery around Freya develops, but Roxy (Zima Anderson) isn’t ready to give up yet. She’ll go to any length to protect her companion Levi (Richie Morris), even if it means jeopardizing her own freedom.

When Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) can’t keep up with his own lies, he’s on the verge of total self-destruction. When David (Takaya Honda) discovers him, Paul finds himself in a precarious predicament. How far will he go to defend Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and their reunion? One thing is certain: David should sleep with one eye open at all times. Paul’s son maybe, but he does not forgive betrayal.

Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) is tired of working so hard to keep her head above water, but when she suffers a major setback, she discovers that her friends have abandoned her and she is alone. Is she going to be able to draw herself back from the edge?

Zara is fed up with life and chooses to vent her frustrations on Jane (Annie Jones). Where will Zara’s disruptive behavior take her next as she dives to new lows of meanness?

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Amy’s luck changes

Amy is battling to get her food truck off the ground, and her pals have come to her rescue. Even Ned isn’t in a hurry to join her. Her injuries is still bothering her, and her debt is mounting; things aren’t looking good. But, just when she begins to lose hope, she receives a ray of optimism in the form of an unexpected present. The Drinks Diva can now get her business up and running and hit the road.

Leo walks away from baby Abigail

Leo takes his decision: he will no longer be Abigail’s parent. He believes he is unfit to be a father and that leaving her with him will endanger her. The poor child is ready to be abandoned by his parents. Aaron half-wishes it to be true because he can feel himself getting closer to the kid. David is confident it’s merely a hasty decision he’ll regret later. He’s afraid, as David predicts, that Leo would alter his mind and take Abigail away from him, causing him further pain. Leo is shutting down and refusing to accept any outside assistance. What will become of Abby?

Zara’s behavior gets worse

This girl is unstoppable; her claws are out and aren’t going back in. Jane is not amused and slams into her, which only adds fuel to the fire. Zara shares some Jane dirt with the school kids, who gobble it up like candy, determined to exact vengeance.

In addition, Aubrey and Sadie plan to play a practical joke on Jane. While this first benefits Zara, it backfires when she is held responsible. She doesn’t want to incriminate her pals, but what would happen to her if she is convicted?

David in danger over Paul discovery

Paul’s falsehoods are sharpening their teeth and preparing to bite him in the behind. He believes his lies were a complete success, and he basks in the glory of his family’s well-wishes for him and Terese on their second opportunity. However, he has failed to account for Karl and David, who are both skeptical of his mysterious condition. David, for one, cannot let sleeping dogs lie and is on a mission to discover the truth, but he has no idea that the troubles he may bring may force Paul to act in desperation. David requests that his father have scans to confirm his diagnosis in order to find the truth about Dr Russell. Something is amiss with Paul since he is so evasive. He digs a little deeper and comes across the treasure chest; he knows what Paul has been up to. How far will Paul go to keep the truth hidden from the public?

Roxy risks jail time

Roxy is set on being a supersleuth, so she asks Freya to a girl’s day out. Freya appears to be unaware that there are hidden agendas at work, however, Roxy’s barrage of questions provides a hint. Freya is icy and mute about getting the third degree, which just encourages Roxy. For Roxy, this is proof that Freya is concealing something, and knowing she won’t receive any information from the horse’s mouth, she decides to go ninja and break into Freya’s house instead. Unfortunately for Roxy, she isn’t used to breaking and entering, and she is caught red-handed as soon as she enters the house. Freya isn’t amused, and Levi bears the brunt of her wrath. When she pulls away from him, he’s left reeling, so he asks her out on a date. Is he setting himself up for trouble? And what will become of Roxy after she has committed her crime?

Paul is caught

Paul’s deception is quickly unraveling. Terese now understands the truth about how he lied to gain her back. She’s enraged, and any chance of reconciliation is out the window. Paul’s entire family abandons him, leaving him to clear up his own messes on his own.

Roxy gets closer to the truth

Levi’s interest in the mysterious Freya grows by the second, and he decides to go all out to win her over. While he is aware of it, she does not appear to be. In reality, nothing about her is clear, except that she’s lying to him and using him to gain access to police systems.


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