Catfisher carried out ‘merciless’ stalking campaign to torment victims

    According to court documents, a catfisher allegedly stalked people across Australia while posing as a popular Home And Away celebrity in a “merciless” stalking campaign.

    Lydia Abdelmalek is accused of impersonating Home And Away star Lincoln Lewis and creating other personalities in order to lure several victims into her “false world.”

    In June 2019, the 32-year-old was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for six charges of stalking, but she has filed an appeal with the County Court of Victoria.

    Ms. Abdelmalek, who was dressed in a shirt with the words “Mon Cheri” embroidered on it, was questioned about the allegations that the alleged victims were mentally harmed.

    “You are a liar,” Crown prosecutor Angela Moran said on Thursday.

    “You are a fantasist.

    “You have stalked all these people.”

    To these questions, Ms. Abdelmalek replied “I’m not” and “I didn’t”.

    She denied forging licenses, including Lincoln Lewis’, to deceive her alleged victims into thinking she was the star.

    Ms. Moran also questioned Ms. Abdelmalek about whether she “extensively and viciously” followed two women and duped them into a relationship using the actor’s name.

    “No I didn’t,” Ms. Abdelmalek replied.

    When she got intimate photographs while acting as an actor in a relationship with them and threatening to disclose them, she denied that she “mercilessly exploited” her victims.

    In one case, intimate photographs were provided to the boyfriend of an accused victim, who was referred to as “a d—k sucking sl-t.” Ms. Abdelmalek claimed she had nothing to do with it.

    The Melbourne woman also denied gaslighting people and causing psychological injury and anguish to those affected.

    “You are the catfisher who created the deception around these people where they couldn’t live their lives anymore,” Ms Moran asked.

    “No,” was the response.

    One of the alleged victims took her own life.

    The hearing continues in front of Judge Claire Quin.

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