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Chris Hemsworth’s adorable camping getaway

“Ain’t nothing like it!”

Australian superhero Chris Hemsworth has taken some well deserved R’n’R by heading off to the wilderness with ‘the boys’.

Chris took his twin sons, Sasha and Tristan 8, on a camping getaway that involved all the fun activities of a classic Australian camping trip.

As mother Elsa Pataky and their oldest daughter India, 10, were nowhere to be seen, it was obvious that this vacation was a chance for the father and son to reconnect.

Chris shared a photo of a “epic camping trip with my guys” on Instagram.

“Wrestling kangaroos, fishing, surfing, and cooking marshmallows. It’s unlike anything else!

Pictures from the trip show the lads riding bikes, surfing, and climbing rocks before passing out by the fire.

Fans took to Instagram to praise Chris for being a great dad and spending quality time with his sons. 

“Best dad of the year,” one fan wrote.

“Awesome dad,” said another.

Chris thinks that returning to nature will be the ideal vacation, especially in light of the recent news that he and his brother Luke are working to reintroduce the Tasmanian tiger.

The two have invested in Colossal Biosciences, a scientific start-up that is collaborating with the University of Melbourne to “de-extinguish” the thylacine (or Tassie tiger).

In a statement, Chris stated, “Our family remains committed to supporting conservationist activities around the world, and maintaining Australia’s biodiversity is a key priority.”

The Tassie Tiger’s extinction had a catastrophic impact on our ecology, therefore we are happy to support [principal researcher] Dr. Pask and the entire Colossal team in their ground-breaking conservation efforts.

Co-founder of Colossal, Ben Lamm, praised the Hemsworths’ participation and general interest in conservation.

The Hemsworth family has made significant contributions to marsupial conservation in general and is spearheading efforts to bring the Tasmanian devil back to the mainland and establish a population outside of Tasmania, according to Ben.

They were fervent advocates for both the thylacine’s recovery and the potential applications of the technologies Colossal is creating for marsupial conservation and reproduction. We are incredibly grateful for their help and participation.


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