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Coronation Street’s Gary Windass suffers revenge attack

After bravely coming to the Grimshaws’ rescue, Coronation Street’s Gary Windass pays the price for his heroics tonight (October 16).

Earlier this week, Gary (Mikey North) saved Todd’s life, jumping in to assault gangster Mick Chaney as he was about to take the ultimate revenge.

Gary is the hero of the hour in Friday’s hour-long episode with Eileen (Sue Cleaver) as she praises him for what he’s done.

Gary tries modestly to play the situation down, making it out that Mick wasn’t a major threat.
Later, however, when a vengeful Mick arrives at the furniture shop with one of his sidekicks, Gary may live to regret being involved in Todd’s dramas.

Mick is highly sceptical of Gary’s decision to get involved, falsely thinking that for some time he had been in cahoots with Todd.

Mick demands to know where Todd is, and he subjects him to a brutal beating when Gary refuses to give any details.

Mick then makes his getaway, in the process nearly knocking over Gail Rodwell. Gail takes a picture of his van on her phone, quick-thinking, hoping that the registration plate would help to track him down.

Gary’s wife, Maria, discovers him in the furniture store, bruised and wounded, prompting him to report the attack to Craig Tinker. But where is Todd and what is going to be the next step for Mick?


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