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Dangerous deal, shock punch and secret plans: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

This week on Home and Away, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is worried when Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) suddenly disappears – especially when her story about going to see a client for Justin (James Stewart) proves to be a lie. When he eventually gets through to her, she seems distracted and hangs up on him. As Dean’s anxiety spirals and he begins looking for her, what will he find?

In another instance, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) assisted the police with a successful sting operation that resulted in the bikies being sentenced for their attempts to launder money, but as the news spreads, the Paratas’ faces are plastered across the top of the local daily. Things only became worse when the

The unfavourable news hasn’t impressed Surf Club.

Are Nikau and Tane’s jobs in danger?

The following is the Home and Away schedule for the week beginning September 19th.

Dean worries when Ziggy goes MIA with Remi

When Dean confronts Justin about Ziggy’s appointment with a client and learns that there is no such customer, he becomes anxious. Where did his girlfriend go after she vanished? She isn’t picking up the phone, which is concerning, and Mackenzie seems to know more than she is giving on, which is upsetting.

When Ziggy finally answers, she sounds preoccupied and hangs up abruptly. When Mackenzie notices that her brother’s worry is reaching a climax, she tells him the unpleasant truth: Dean doesn’t trust Remi since he keeps flirting with her, therefore Ziggy is out with him.

Ziggy and Remi are locked in an abandoned shed after van deal goes wrong

In exchange for Lyrik giving up on flirting with her in front of Dean, Ziggy has agreed to find Remi a new van so that she can get to their shows. Due to his limited resources, she has her work cut out for her, but she still finds him a deal and takes him to the destination.

They find it to be a dump, and the guy they meet is acting strangely. After taking the van for a test drive, Ziggy discovers it has many problems, and she demands the man give Remi his money back. To their dismay, the man leads them into the shed after telling them the location of the money just to lock the door behind them and cage them within!

Tane and Nikau face public condemnation after the bikie story hits the news

Even though Tane and Nikau are both innocent, Rose doesn’t want the bikies to think they’re going to get off easy, so in order to maintain appearances after the police sting, they have to go through a court hearing. The Paratas could be the target of a hit if the gang finds out they have been collaborating with the police.

The Paratas could be the target of a hit if the gang finds out they have been collaborating with the police. She advises them to maintain a low profile, but the strategy backfires the following morning when the local daily publishes the bikie tale and prominently displays Tane and Nikau’s images. The Surf Club is not thrilled with this negative publicity and may soon take action against the two, according to Roo and John, making matters worse.

Dean punches Remi after discovering them together

Dean has been worried about what Remi is doing with her ever before Ziggy hung up on him, but more importantly, he isn’t sure if she is safe. As the day wears on and it grows dark, Dean starts to conduct some investigation. He searches through Ziggy’s online history to determine which van lead she followed out. The abandoned shed is located after he uses the same route. Ziggy is relieved and jumps into his arms when he opens the door, but Dean has other plans. He approaches Remi and knocks him to the ground..

Rose leaves town as the pressure of Cash and the bikies overwhelms her

Since learning that her new lover is an undercover gang member and having to sit through a humiliating court hearing as a result of the police operation that resulted in his punishment, Rose has been struggling.

The situation is made worse by the fact that Cash, the man she is in love with, was shot and is currently on life support. When the neighbourhood gossips about the bikies in the newspaper, Rose can’t stand it and yells at John to keep his opinion to himself. She chooses to temporarily leave the city in order to get some perspective.

Leah becomes suspicious of Justin’s secret plan

Justin has an idea that makes him crazy with joy after hearing about the band’s transportation issues. When it is locked in and he goes to speak with Leah, he won’t reveal what it is to them. When he requests to draw on their joint money, he expects opposition, but argues that it is for a worthy reason—marketing for the garage. Leah supports the notion and considers collaborating with him on his objectives, but Justin abruptly turns evasive. What is Justin up to, Leah wonders as her suspicions grow?

Newcomer Bree is tasked with a difficult hospital patient

Dr. Bree Cameron, a recent hire, has been watching over Cash as he emerges from his coma, but she learns through Felicity that Cash’s mental recovery might be just as difficult as his physical recovery. He was about to propose when his fiancée walked out on him, and now he is struggling with the idea that he killed a man.

Cash is experiencing sadness, worry, and panic, and things only become worse when Rose visits him. He jumps out of the hospital bed and yells at her because he believes she is hiding information. With Xander’s assistance, Bree holds him down as she considers how she can support Cash during his experience.


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