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Does Paul Robinson die in Neighbours and is Stefan Dennis leaving?


A massive and catastrophic storm is expected to pound Ramsay Street this week, with preview clips hinting that death is on the way.

In fact, pictures have revealed that Ramsay Street OG Paul Robinson is among those who have been injured (Stefan Dennis). Is he the one who will meet his maker?

The catastrophic storm devastated Erinsborough on the day of Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Roxy’s (Zima Anderson) wedding, which is officiated by Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne).

The severity of the weather is grossly misjudged, and despite warnings, they refuse to cancel their big day, resulting in the entire Ramsay Street attending the wedding instead of seeking cover as the storm hits.

Some of the wedding guests seek shelter in the Flamingo bar, but when the storm intensifies, the frail structure will be unable to resist the force of the storm.

Paul has survived a plane disaster, been shoved over a balcony, tumbling down a cliff, and his violent son trapping him in a mine. Could the neighborhood bar’s roof, on the other hand, be the thing to put him out?

Does Paul Robinson die? 

Paul appears to have been a casualty of the storm, as he is seen lying among the rubble with his estranged wife Terese by his side.

Is she about to lose the love of her life before they can reconcile? He’s bloodied, bruised, and unconscious, and he has to be taken to the hospital immediately.

Without a doubt, the storm has disrupted communications, which will cause delays in rescue services reaching the stranded mogul, and with other injuries in the vicinity, they’ll be considerably slower.

Could Paul perish before he can get the proper help he needs?

Despite the fact that he appears to be on his way to meet his maker, there is still life in him. When the tale jumps seven days forward, Paul remains in the hospital recovering from his injuries, while the rest of Ramsay Street prepares for a memorial. For the time being, he has lived to see another day. It reunites him with Terese, and he’s hoping that they can get back on track. Is her guilt, on the other hand, a factor?

And if he’s alive, who does die?

Is Stefan Dennis leaving Neighbours?

Stefan departed Neighbours in 1993 and returned in 2004, and has since been at the center of several of the show’s most important storylines. As of now, there is no indication that Stefan intends to return to the drama (a tremendous sigh of relief!).

But of course, there is never any absolute certainty in Soapland!

Who dies in Neighbours?

So if Paul Robinson doesn’t die, who does?

The identity of the fallen local isn’t instantly revealed in the aftermath of the storm, but there could be a few hints. Another photo from the wedding day accident shows Leo feverishly trying to aid a lifeless Britney, who is also lying injured among the wreckage.

He’s also pictured covered in blood – a stark contrast to the happy scenes of him and Britney at the wedding.

When the plot jumps ahead 7 days, it’s clear that the Tanaka family has been devastated by the loss, with Leo taking the brunt of it. Is it because Britney Spears passed away?

Does the baby die in a horrible accident? He’s having trouble coping with day-to-day living, and despite his friends and family rallying behind him, he pushes them away. Not to be deterred, they do what they can to clean up the vineyard, with Kyle leading the charge. Will their goodwill be enough to help Leo get over his pain when he discovers it?


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