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EastEnders killer Gray in brutal downfall as former colleagues take action?

Gray Atkins, the murderer of Chantelle EASTENDERS, managed to stay under the radar for nearly a year after her death. Now, though, he is being pursued from all sides. Will Whitney Dean and Kheerat Panesar’s accusations be verified by his former law firm colleagues?

Whitney (Shona McGarty) and Kheerat (Jaz Deol) from EastEnders recently decided to work together to take down Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith). They’ve been attempting to catch the BBC soap villain off guard, with Kheerat attempting to gain Gray’s trust by getting close to him. Gray was fired as a lawyer by his supervisor last year, who suspected him of being aggressive and had even warned Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) about him. Will Kheerat and Whitney be helped by his old colleagues, who have the legal knowledge to back up their claims? Alan Collins, a partner, and specialist in Hugh James Solicitors’ abuse team, spoke exclusively to about Gray’s future.

Gray murdered Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) more than a year earlier following years of domestic violence.

He staged her death as an accident and then went on to murder other individuals while attempting to hide his tracks.

However, it appears that he may finally be brought to justice since citizens of Walford and his former coworkers suspect him.

Alan commented to about Gray’s honorable act: “Abusers come from many sectors of life, as we all know, but we also know that they can be cunning and manipulative. The appearance of respectability can be used to deceive individuals who are capable of acting.

“We can all fall for this and have to be alive to that risk. It can be hard to puncture that protective covering.

“Talking about it helps, and the storyline is therefore doubly powerful.”

“The professional could be reported to his/her regulatory body,” Alan said, alluding to Gray’s fellow lawyers who suspect him.

Alan continued when asked about the police in EastEnders not taking Whitney’s concerns seriously: “In the past, the police have been chastised for failing to effectively respond to reports, especially in high-profile incidents culminating in death.

“Both the police and the courts have taken a lot more muscular approach in recent years, but recent homicide instances where a kid was slain, there was a domestic violence backdrop, and subsequent investigations demonstrate on-going failures across authorities to communicate with each other, compounding danger.”

It’s probable that Gray’s old boss had reported him, but nothing was done owing to a lack of evidence.

However, since Whitney has now filed a police report, an inquiry may be launched.

Laura (Sarah Paul), Gray’s ex-colleague, was always wary of him and advised Chelsea to avoid him.

She made it plain she was on to him when she told him he had been fired last year.

“Your run-in with the police for public indecency this month was a step too far,” she told him. “So I’m afraid we have no choice but to terminate your employment.”

Growing angry, Gray argued: “I wasn’t arrested.”

Laura replied: “Even so, hardly appropriate for a criminal solicitor and definitely not a good look for the firm. Please be assured, your case was reviewed thoroughly.”

Smirking, Laura later said: “We thought it would be in your best interest to get it over with, rather than you do the walk of shame in front of your colleagues. Ex-colleagues.”

She confirmed: “I read those vile messages you sent me online. We both know it was you. So if you even think of appealing, I’ll make sure everyone knows what kind of man you really are.”

“You’ve got no proof and I could have you done for unfair dismissal,” Gray yelled.

Laura called him: “The man who thinks he’s smarter than everybody else, especially a black woman.

“With no job and no money, there’s going to be nothing for you to hide behind. Everyone will see you for the nasty little misogynist you really are.”

It’s possible that Laura’s report on Gray is investigated following Whitney’s police report.

Whitney may decide to contact folks Gray used to work with in order to gather evidence wherever she can.

Could Laura provide her with expert counsel in order to prove Gray’s poor character?

It’s possible that the lawyers are assisting Whitney because they are aware of Gray’s capabilities.


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