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EastEnders spoilers; Jean’s life at risk as her illness leads her into danger

For some weeks, Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) has been exhibiting alarming signs of a mental health relapse. And in tonight’s episode of EastEnders, her situation reaches a terrifying climax.

Stacey (Lacey Turner) has been trying for a long time to encourage her sick mother to seek care, but Jean insisted that she was well despite proposing Rocky Cotton in the Queen Vic toilets, going out all night with strangers, and stealing from a local jeweler.

Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman), Jean’s new fiancé, has been preoccupied with his own concerns after being threatened by a member of the far-right gang in which his son Aaron (Charlie Wernham) was involved.

When Aaron was stabbed in prison and Jean refused to offer help or even acknowledge the issue, Harvey realized something was seriously wrong. Jean stormed out when he brought up the matter, declaring that she would find her happily ever after with or without him.

Stacey is even more concerned tonight when she learns from Billy Mitchell that Jean has been seen wearing her wedding gown and announcing that she is getting married today.

Stacey seeks assistance from her ex-husband Martin Fowler (James Bye), and a talk with Harvey brings them to Southend, where Jean is busy taking in the sights and enjoying the local funfair while receiving compliments on her outfit.

Back in the Square, Harvey confides in Rocky and realizes that Jean hasn’t been herself the entire time they’ve been together. Harvey had a nervous breakdown as a massive wedding cake is brought. Was Jean ever truly in love with him?

At the meantime, Stacey and Martin arrive in Southend and notice Jean walking towards the sea. Stacey spends no time chasing after her mother, who tries to resist; nonetheless, Jean soon realizes the truth.

Will Jean eventually acknowledge she needs medical help once Stacey reaches her?


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