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Dotty Cotton from EastEnders will confront Bernie Taylor about her secret.

In new EastEnders scenes, Dotty Cotton will confront Bernie Taylor about a secret she’s keeping.

Dotty will be less than impressed when Bernie chooses to take her to a chess club at the start of next week.

Bernie, on the other hand, is taken aback when she discovers that Dotty is a stronger player than she anticipated, and that she wins some money. Dotty then takes Bernie to The Queen Vic to toast her achievement.

Dotty overhears a conversation between Bernie and Gareth from the chess club while in the pub, and is irritated when Bernie refuses to share what they were talking about. She does, however, eventually make the decision to come clean.

What is Bernie’s darkest secret?

Bernie recently returned to Albert Square after agreeing to be a surrogate for Rainie and Stuart Highway, and despite early reservations about giving the baby to them, she ultimately decided to do so.

Speaking about Bernie’s future after the storyline to Digital Spy last month, actress Clair Norris said: “It’s going to be hard I think, no matter what. Even if the baby wasn’t growing up across the Square, I think it would still be hard for her – she’s spent nine months with this baby growing inside her.

“She’s kept that in mind throughout, though, and she believes she’s detached from the baby. You see different sides of Bernie and how she tries to suppress those feelings and try to move on.”


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