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Emmerdale fans ‘rumble Meena’s downfall’ as ‘secret victim’ to be uncovered



Emmerdale viewers are perplexed as to where a missing canine on the ITV soap is.

When Andrea Tate was murdered by Meena Jutla, Princess the dog was placed in Wendy Posner’s care.

But, as Wendy struggled to deal with the dog, Meena, who had yet to be discovered, offered to look after Wendy’s pet.

She was clearly elated that Andrea was no longer alive and that Princess the dog, a constant reminder of Andrea, was now with her.

However, since his appearance on the show, the pup has been scarcely seen, causing alarm among admirers.

Meena kidnapped her own sister Manpreet Sharma after Christmas and took her to an abandoned barn.

Meena went on the run when her lies, crimes, and the kidnapping of Manpreet and Vinny Dingle were exposed.

Princess, on the other hand, has not been heard from or seen since the incident, and it is unknown who is looking after her.

She was named earlier this month when Meena threatened to kill her, infuriating supporters.

Fans have speculated that something awful has happened to her, and that Meena has a hidden victim whom she may have murdered.

While it’s likely that the puppy was returned to Andrea’s daughter Millie, other fans wondered if Princess was still alive and well elsewhere, and if she was Meena’s undoing.

Whether Princess appears and proves to be a missing link to Meena, or she discovers Meena’s tokens of her victims in the allotments, supporters are confident she will play a role in bringing Meena down.


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