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Former Home and Away star Luke Mitchell discusses possible return for Romeo

Luke Mitchell has stated that he would be amenable to making a brief cameo appearance as Romeo Smith on Home and Away.

Romeo left the soap opera back in 2013, running from Summer Bay to spare his wife Indi Walker the heartache that followed her skin cancer diagnosis. Later on, news spread that he had died off-screen.

But in an interview with Now to Love, Mitchell said he would be open to making a cameo if his schedule allowed it.

“I have extremely fond memories of Home and Away,” he stated. “If it was a fun, little cameo to be had or, you know, like a dream sequence, I don’t know if it would be possible but if it made sense and worked out scheduling-wise, why not?”

The actor has already shown support for the notion of a quick comeback, acknowledging in 2016 that he would “absolutely” return to the role.

“This could be a dream scenario in which Alf is dreaming of Romeo, or it could be a flashback. I would absolutely think about it because I have a lot of pals on the show.”

In other Home and Away news, the soap is launching a new murder mystery storyline after a suspicious Summer Bay death – you can click through here to find out who the victim is, though be warned there are major spoilers.


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