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Former Home and Away star Sarah Roberts reveals whether she’d return to soap

The actress departed the show last year.

Sarah Roberts, who played Willow Harris on Home and Away for more than three years, left the serial opera last year and went on to feature in an Australian movie.

The actress has expressed her desire to return a year after her “reluctant” departure.

“I’d love to go back to Home and Away, I loved my time there,” Roberts stated in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle. I grew incredibly close to everyone, and we all started to feel like family.

Because you get to spend every day at work hanging out with all your favorite people, working on that program seems like a vacation as well.

Of course, one remaining cast member from Home and Away is a member of her family because she wed James Stewart, who plays Justin Morgan, back in 2019.

Roberts also commended the drama for avoiding traditional Willow character features because of her Sri Lankan ancestry.

The fact that I played a terrible girl was something I truly enjoyed about working on Home and Away. She continued, “And I was still Sri Lankan, but it wasn’t forced down anyone’s neck.

“When I was on my deathbed, my [on-screen] father sung a Sri Lankan ballad to me. When you walk around on Australian streets and see people from all over the world, you can see why it’s lovely that culture is being included into media there.”

Despite her love for the Australian soap opera, she did say that she wouldn’t return until “the narrative was right.”

Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah Patterson, has said she has no intentions to leave Home and Away anytime soon.


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