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Former onscreen lovers Sarah Roberts and Zoe Ventoura enjoy a well-overdue Home and Away reunion

There’s nothing like a Home and Away reunion between former co-stars to get us feeling all warm and fuzzy.

When Sarah Roberts and Zoe Ventoura got together for some girl time on Friday, they offered us some old-school Summer Bay nostalgia.
Sarah, who portrayed Willow Harris on the drama until April 2021, uploaded a romantic photo of herself and Zoe, who previously played her on-screen lover Alex Neilson, sharing a few drinks.

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“My Zo Zo”: Sarah caught up with her former Home and Away co-star. (Image: Instagram)

“My Zo Zo,” Sarah affectionately captioned the snap, with caused a frenzy among Home and Away fans.

“Our Willex loving heart! ❤” one viewer commented, while another wrote: “A beautiful friendship built of the back of a beautiful love story.. which probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you @sarahroberts pushing for the story ❤️

“Last year prior to leaving her three-year role on the soap, Sarah revealed she pitched the idea of Alex’s return to the show’s producers.

Willow and Alex had a whirlwind romance. (Image: Seven)

“I wanted people who aren’t generally represented on television to be represented,” Sarah told Stuff. “And then when fans told us what a terrific job we were doing, [Zoe and I] were just so thrilled.”

“We never expected such a positive response.” When it comes to love, [Willow] has had a tough time, but so has everyone else in the Bay. You marry in the morning and get divorced in the evening, right?

Following a brief on-screen romance with Willow, Zoe’s character Alex bid goodbye to Summer Bay in March 2020.

The actress praised producers and fans for bringing one of the show’s most prominent same-sex relationships to life. “I knew how important this storyline would be to the LGBTQ community.

I felt so lucky to be part of it. I hope it means more opportunities and more acceptance,” she said at the time of her departure.

“I can’t help but tear up reading all the messages from our new found fans. We see you, and we are grateful for your support.”

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