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General Hospital Spoiler: Who Left in 2021? — Cast Changes Galore!

Without a scorecard, we couldn’t keep track of the casts of The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Bold and the Beautiful in 2021. Fortunately, we had a scorecard – in fact, several of them.

We went to this photo collection full of goodbyes to stay on top of the shifting population of The Young and the Restless’ Genoa City, which, let’s be honest, we didn’t always think we’re good. Not only was there a super couple whose farewell left us scratching our heads, but there was also a former favorite whose persona had been distorted so horribly that we didn’t feel like we recognized him anymore.

On Days of Our Lives, it seemed like there was an entrance for every exit — and there were a lot of them (read the list here) — so we lined them all up to count them down here. One, in particular, stunned us so much that our jaws are still hurting from slamming on the floor.

Finn’s family tree sprouted one new branch after another, Paris’ was sliced in half, and a long-running character got a new look that had the public “wigging out” in the last year, The Bold and the Beautiful could’ve been titled The Coming and the Going. Here’s a rundown of who’s coming in and who’s leaving.

Finally, General Hospital was likely the hardest hit by cast changes this year, losing one of its most adored leading males and recasting nearly enough kids to make a Little League team. However, the exit that most fans hailed — of a character who was nowhere near as popular as his actor — turned out to be a false alarm. When you look at the show’s 2021 sendoffs, you’ll see what we mean.

While you’re here, awestruck by the sheer amount of cast changes this year, but the astonishment and “Aw, shucks” into perspective by looking back at a bunch of exits that we’re still not over decades later.


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